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setola di maiale

Audrey Lauro – alto sax | Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg – voice

Recorded 3 october 2010 Brussels Odeon 120 by Michael Huon October 3rd 2010. Editing, mixing and mastering by Michaël W Huon, Odeon 120, Brussels, Belgium.

Tracklist: 07 _ Avis 2:24 08 _ Feed backing fish 5:44 09 _ Feed back fishing 6:36 10 _ Talki walki 9:38 11 _ Ancrages 3:21 12 _ Rappel 4:06

Life is Knife

Audrey Lauro _ sax alto | Isabelle Sainte-Rose _ violoncello

Tracklist: 01 _ Le pendule 4:53 02 _ Chambre froide 4:42 03 _ Bruissements d’elles 4:18 04 _ Essuie-glaces 9:19 05 _ Les inséparables 2:52 06 _ Un train sec 5:02

Recorded at L’Etincelle by Michaël W Huon, October 27th 2011. Editing, mixing and mastering by Michaël W Huon Odeon 120, Brussels, Belgium.


Saxophone alto – improvisation. First initiations in Jazz and then Contemporary music following Musical Composition studies and Master in Slavic Philology . Audrey Lauro growed during ten of years on the experimental belgian music scenes as an alto sax player. First CD in 2008 on the Brussels’ label ??? “Mrs Okkido”, an avant pop group featuring Pierre Vervloesem before she decides to focus mostly on the free improvised music working deeply the langage of the instrument from the phrase to sound event through all kinds of atoms and particles.

Audrey Lauro has performed with Marc Ribot in 2003 in the Mistery Trio in Luz St Sauveur (F) and Tonic NYC with Veryan Weston , Peter Evans 2009 , Carlos Zingaro, Javier Carmona, Sabu Toyozumi and Daysuke Takaoka 2010.

In Belgium, she is working currently with J. M Van Schouwburg , Isabelle Sainte-Rose, Ann Eysermans, Judith Khan and has performed with Jacques Foschia, Kris Vanderstraeten, Jean Demey, Gianni Mimo, Eric Thielemans, JJ Duerinckx, Antoine Prawerman, Marjolaine Charbin, Frans Van Isacker, Florian Bergmann, Hannes Lingens, Nico Roig, Ilan Manouach etc…

Jean Michel Van Schouwburg

Voice, born 1955 Belgium and lives near Brussels. J-M Van Schouwburg has been involved during many years with Brussels based Collectif Inaudible. Having dropped instruments to concentrate on the voice around 1996, he has developped vocal improvisation and singing extended techniques as an autodidact. Has coined the word phonoetry / phonésie to describe the sounds of his solo performance « ORYNX » (Orynx – Phonésie / Inaudible 003 sold out).

Solo concerts solos in London, Lille, Liège, Brussels and Slovakia. Overtones and throat singing from low end to high falsetto (C2# > D4 > B 5). Invented languages, yodels and mouth noises. Voice in the body. The aim of his work is to extend the role and the function of the voice, the mouth and the throat in the process of inventing sounds with the purpose to make their expressive means growing. His solo performances are an attempt to integrate these techniques in one creative momentum while drawing up living links between their aspects. Longstanding collaboration with Guy Strale, Kris Vanderstraeten, Adelheid Sieuw and Jan-Huib Nas.

Current groups are : Sureau with Kris Vanderstraeten percussion and Jean Demey double bass. Duos with Marjolaine Charbin piano and Audrey Lauro, sax alto. Garden Gift with Jean Demey, John Russell, guitar, Adelheid Sieuw, flutes & J-MVS. MouthWind with Lawrence Casserley and players Hubweber, Charbin, Sieuw and Foschia.

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg | Photo by Dora Nedescky | Budapest | March 2010

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg belongs to the band : Adam Bohman / Zsolt Sörès/ Oli Mayne/ J-M Van Schouwburg. Works with composer and electro-acoustic musician Dario Palermo. Projects and performances with Adelheid Sieuw, John Russell, Lawrence Casserley, Jacques Foschia, Gianni Mimmo, Angelo Contini, Paul Dunmall, Paul Hubweber and some others. Performed also with Mike Goyvaerts, Mara Pigeon, David Leahy, Javier Carmona, Phil Minton, Ute Wassermann, Pascal Marzan, Dan Warburton, Pat Wichers, Gianni Mimmo, Enzo Rocco, Stefano Giust, Mick Beck, John Jasnoch, Hugh Metcalfe, Heddy Boubeker, …. Extracts of Orynx were selected in Peter Strickland’s Katalin Varga soundtrack. Will play his singer’s role in the movie Berberian Sound Studio of director Strickland.

Recordings: SUREAU: Demey Vanderstraeten Van Schouwburg Creative Sources CS112 | The Mercelis Concert: John Russell/ JM VS/ Jean Demey. Inaudible 006. | Quelles bouches voleront en éclats: M Charbin & JM Van Schouwburg 2008 | Gingko 4 : Freedom of the City 2006 Emanem. | Bionic Beings Beginnings: Paul Dunmall, Phil Gibbs, Peter Brandt, J-M VS Duns Ltd Ed 61. | Five Rooms : Gianni Mimmo, Angelo Contini, John Russell, A Serrapiglio Amirani records.

Performed Sonic Arts UEA Norwich/ Hurta Cordel 2008 Madrid/ De België Hasselt / Mopomoso @ Red Rose & Vortex London/ R de Choc 2008 Paris/ Hermès Ear 2006 Nitra Slovakia/ La Malterie Lille/ Sons Libérés Bruxelles/ SPM Ivan Illich Bologna /FOTC 2006 & 2010 London / Free Festival Essen 2009/ L’An Vert Liège/ Théâtre Mercelis and Le Brass, Bruxelles, Sheffield, Budapest, Plantentuin Gent, 3&1/2 Paris 2010 etc… Writes currently in Improjazz (France). Author of John Stevens and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble issued in Improjazz (French) and Oro Molido (Spanish).


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