Jorge Nuno | Joao Paulo | Signs Of The Silhouette

signs of the silhouette

Jorge Nuno – guitars | Joao Paulo – drums

Recorded and mixed by Eduardo Vinhas at Golden Pony Studios, Lisboa, Portugal. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering Brooklyn, NY. Photos and design by Miguel Cravo.

Tracklist: Side A: 1. [ 05.58 ] 2. [ 11.04 ] 3. [ 05.30 ] Side B: 4. [ 06.46 ] 5. [ 08.03 ] 6. [ 06.12 ]

signs of the silhouette

Signs of the Silhouette it’s a project in which the act of music is answered with reactions to a video imaged projected in the musician body. Therefore the one that plays becomes the visual support of an image interpreted by musical improvisation.

The group uses simple, but complex sonorities based in electric guitar and drums.

The act becomes a dialogue between a body transmuted lived image perception in loco by a musical, gestual, reactive and spontaneous response.

signs of the silhouette

Signs of the Silhouette é um projecto de musica experimental, que alia o som á imagem filmada. O músico transforma-se no suporte visual da imagem, à qual reage por improvisaçao.

O grupo aposta numa sonoridade composta por guitarra eléctrica e bateria.

Um diálogo que nos remete para uma perceçâo da imagem vivida in loco, transmutada pelo corpo, através da criaçao musicale gestual espontanea, reactiva e sentida.

Rocket Fish

Second Lp of Signs of the Silhouette “Monochrome” trilogy. Another sound construction based on new experimental video mediatations by Miguel Cravo. The new work follows and illustrates the same artist exhibition “At dusk remember the names” this time exploring the field of photography along with video.

Segundo lp da trilogia ” Monochrome ” de Signs of the Silhouette. Mais uma costrução sonora baseada em novas reflexões experimentais videgráficas de Miguel Cravo. O novo trabalho acompanha e ilustra a exposição “Ao anoitecer lembras-te dos nomes” do mesmo artista plástico desta vez explorando o campo da fotografia juntamente com o video.

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