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Karolina Styła – vocal | Joachim Mencel – piano, arranger | Andrzej Cudzich – bass | Łukasz Żyta – drums | Ryszard Styła – guitar | Piotr Wojtasik – trumpet, flugelhorn (1,7,11) | Leszek Szczerba – soprano & alto saxes (1,7,9,11) | Sławomir Berny – percussion (4,7,9,11)

Tracklist: 1. You Don’t Know What Love Is (T.Raye / M.DePaul) [04:51] 2. My Favorite Things (O.Hammerstein II / R.Rogers) [05:03] 3. Crystal Silence (Ch.Corea / N.Potter) [07:08] 4. My Little Boat (I.Schmortz / R.Boscoli) [04:37] 5. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Ch.Mingus / R.Kirk) [04:59] 6. Baby, I’m Yours (E.& B.Johnson) [04:25] 7. Afro Blue (M.Santamaria / O.Brown Jr.) [05:56] 8. Stolen Moments (O.Nelson / M.Murphy) [04:20] 9. The Island (I.Lins / V.Martin) [03:29] 10. How Insensitive (A.C.Jobim / N.Gimpel) [05:21] 11. Doodlin’ (H.Silver / J.Hendricks) [03:09]

Karolina Styła

Karolina Styła about Karolina Styła

I am a Polish singer and I love music. I have been singing for some time, at the age of 18 I recorded my debut cd which you can listen to here, with the top Polish musicians such as Joachim Mencel, Andrzej Cudzich, Lukasz Zyta, Piotr Wojtasik, Leszek Szczerba, Ryszard Styła. With this band I had a lovely time performing at different places, among which the most important Era Jazzu Festival in Poznan 2000 as a support to Archie Shepp. Then I spent 3,5 years at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria, where I studied under Jay Clayton, Mark Murphy, Stjepko Gut, Fritz Pauer, Renato Chicco, Laurie Antonioli and others. Since then a few years have passed and I’m again in Krakow, still singing, hoping to do more in music.


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