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libra records 203-012

Koh – vocal, piano (2, 8) | Satoko Fujii – piano | Ted Reichman – accordion

Recorded by Rich Lamb at Systems Two, New York City, November 29, 2004. Assisted by Philip Kotur. Mixed by Masaaki Shimada, May 6, 2005. Mastered by Wataru Ishii at Onkio Haus, May 23, 2005. Produced by Koh and Satoko Fujii. Design by Stereociti. Photos by Takashi Nemoto. Includes an 8-page booklet with Japanese liner notes by Shiro Matsuo and Japanese song lyrics

Tracks 1 and 9: words by Koh, music by Satoko Fujii. Tracks 2 and 8: words and music by Koh. Tracks 3 and 10: words and music by Koh, arrangement by Satoko Fujii. Tracks 4, 7, and 11: words by Natsuki Tamura, music by Satoko Fujii. Track 5: words by Gyofu Soma, music by Ryutaro Hirota. Track 6: words by Masao Kato, music by Suguru Sasaki

Tracklist: 1. Sola [7:06] 2. Saka [ 4:46] 3. Mado [3:32] 4. Untitled [3:43] 5. Haru Yo Koi [3:41] 6. Tsukino Sabaku [6:57] 7. Pakonya [ 5:33] 8. Azemichi [4:37] 9. Hakuji Hakutou [4:34] 10. Natsu No Ki [ 1:42] 11. Hajimete No Date [3:12]

Koh is a charming singer

and here she collaborates with Satoko Fujii on piano and Ted Reichman on accordion. On the opening piece, “Sola”, Satoko plays mostly inside the piano with some objects as Koh stretches out her notes pure and clear. Satoko’s piano is rich, melodic and quite haunting. Koh is singing in Japanese and it sounds as if she is singing a touching ballad. Satoko’s lovely piano and Ted Reichman’s eerie, yet melancholy accordion both surround and support Koh’s precious voice just right. The songs seem to come from an older tradition with their quaint, Broadway-like melodies. Koh reminds me at times of Laura Nyro, perhaps a bit more quirky. Since I don’t know what she is singing about, the feelings and emotions in her voice do still come through. What I find most amazing is that this disc brings out something quite different from Satoko Fujii than we’ve ever heard, her playing is just so warm, exquisite, rich and touching it is hard to believe that she also spars with master drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. — Downtown Music Gallery

Koh | Satoko Fujii | Ted Reichmann | Yamabuki | libra records


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