Joe Giardullo Open Ensemble | Red Morocco | RogueArt Jazz

Someday someone will write a history of modern music that will free us of the false dichotomies such as high vs. low, improviser vs. composer, classical vs. everything else… …The written materials Joe passed out to the musicians for Red Morocco was minimal, sometimes more visual than musical, but always modest. Everyone was seated in the same room, in a circle. The music heard on this recording occurred late in the day, when Joe felt a certain clarity was occurring… …The results are an elegant, shimmering, ringing music, like colors spiking across the plane of a Monet canvas, or spinning like a piece of Calder’s kinetic art; a constantly evolving, deeply sonic performance, collectively improvised, and decentered; a self-organizing musical system, with minimal input or constraints from outside. Giardullo is willing into existence a music that occurs beyond his control. This means he has to surround himself with musicians who are accomplished, but also open, free to take chances, and willing to be themselves, no matter what. — John Szwed, excerpt from the liner notes. Continue reading

Connie Crothers | David Arner | Spontaneous Suites For Two Pianos | RogueArt Jazz

The music sustains an inspired attainment for something like four hours. And it does so in ways that provide the attentive listener with endless musical terrain to explore and re-explore with great pleasure and satisfaction. It is one of the finest improvisational solo-pianistic moments we have experienced in recorded form to date, to my mind. Do not let this one slip by. It will repay your attention with an enthralling sublimity.– Grego Gapplegate Continue reading

The David Arner Trio | Out / In the Open | Not Two Records

David Arner – pianist, composer, harpsichordist, percussionist – David Arner is a long time proponent of innovative music and spontaneous composition. His wide interests have encompassed the avant-garde, birding, mythology, astrology, modern dance and silent film within his musical pursuits. While well known for his solo piano work, over the years Arner has also worked with Michael Bisio, Jennifer Choi, Connie Crothers, Dominic Duval, Lisle Ellis, Avram Fefer, Joe Giardullo, Lou Grassi, Francois Grillot, Rosi Hertlein, Susie Ibarra, Adam Lane, Joe McPhee, Tatsuya Nakatani, Pauline Oliveros, Jay Rosen, the Sirius Quartet, David Taylor, Tomas Ulrich, Sarah Weaver. Continue reading