Connie Fox | Blood Cocoon | Gazelle Books

In these poems, Connie Fox explores the ancient theology/philosophy of the Great Goddess world-view where the Earth itself is literally the Earth Mother & everything is dominated by a sense of female sexuality/fertility. ‘The Dream of the Black Topaz Chamber’, ‘Oma’, & ‘Nachthymnen’ highlight this primordial femininity with lush imagery & rich language. ‘10170’ and ‘Babicka’ link the past with the present & provide a glimpse into Connie’s experiences, sensuality, & awareness of the life-death cycle. This increased awareness of death & aloneness permeates the imagery in ‘Our Lady Of Laussel’ and ‘Entre Nous’. Fox identifies & identifies with the history/anthropology/philosophy of female sexuality & portrays it with courage, sensitivity, & intelligence. This poetry is a kind of Jungian-Freudian Id-history of Connie’s life & relationships from childhood to adulthood. Continue reading