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Blood Cocoon : Selected Poems

Author: Connie Fox | ISBN: 0974086894 : 9780974086897 | Format: Paperback | Size: 140x215mm | Pages: 71 | Weight: .1 Kg. | Published: Presa Press – December 2005 |  Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

In these poems, Connie Fox explores the ancient theology/philosophy

of the Great Goddess world-view where the Earth itself is literally the Earth Mother & everything is dominated by a sense of female sexuality/fertility. ‘The Dream of the Black Topaz Chamber’, ‘Oma’, & ‘Nachthymnen’ highlight this primordial femininity with lush imagery & rich language. ‘10170’ and ‘Babicka’ link the past with the present & provide a glimpse into Connie’s experiences, sensuality, & awareness of the life-death cycle. This increased awareness of death & aloneness permeates the imagery in ‘Our Lady Of Laussel’ and ‘Entre Nous’. Fox identifies & identifies with the history/anthropology/philosophy of female sexuality & portrays it with courage, sensitivity, & intelligence. This poetry is a kind of Jungian-Freudian Id-history of Connie’s life & relationships from childhood to adulthood.


“I have read (The Dream of the Black Topaz Chamber) a number of times and have been confused by its ofttimes obscurity, amazed at its complexity, overwhelmed by the breadth of its content, and amazed at its colloquial simplicity.” –Laurence F. Hawkins, Jr. in Dog River Review

“Our Lady of Laussel…a totally different cup of tea…genuinely powerful imagery…difficult to identify with or even understand but strangely also very compelling…very readable…” – Ore

“ …the writing, (10 170) a 12 section epic chant for the dead and dying, is a hypnotic confessional flow filled with wise, true psychobabble and real-life folks…Connie Fox is like an old woman rattling and knitting, only she uses guts instead of yarn.” – Ken Sutherland in Mockreviewsz

“If Walt Whitman had been a woman, all of nature would have been reconfigured to a different time zone and place. That is what Connie Fox’s poetry makes me believe. And it’s Whitman who this free verse of gorgeous and engorging poetry reminds me of most. I love this book.” – Lo Galluccio in The Cambridge Alewife

“The poems in Blood Cocoon will amaze in thie complexity and overwhelm in their content. I suggest this book to those readers who prefer poetry with a bite, for these writings are soaked with an intensity that will not soon be forgotten by those who choose to take the journey.” – Rattlesnake Review

“A marvelous collection/concoction, this selection from prior books is a must for ever Connie Fox fan.” – Small Press Review


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