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The Other Side of Broadway : Selected Poems, 1965-2005

Author: A. D. Winans | ISBN: 0977252450 : 9780977252459 | Format: Paperback | Size: 140x215mm | Pages: 131 | Weight: .156 Kg. | Published: Presa Press – September 2006 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Works by individual poets: from c1900-

A. D. Winans has been around the blocks of San Francisco streets

for over a generation as a witness to the changes that mark a society of consumerism gone amok with wars and the many desolations resulting from the contradictions, hypocrisies and downright injustices of a society living at the height of both compassion and decadence. There is a celebration in these poems of the figures of San Francisco streets, the ‘characters’ that have been sacrificed to the system and yet have resisted final destructions. And at the centre of all the highs and lows of Winans’ discordant narrative and, at times lyric moments composed of biting images of his wanderings, geographically or physically, are his genuine praise-songs to the fellow street-poets who have helped to shape his own gritty style.

71 poems selected by the author, at the age of 70. His poems are heartfelt expressions of a wise observer, powerfully honest and uncompromised by literary fashion.

Photo by A.D. Winans

Here is a word-slinger, A.D. Winans, a poet of clarity, an artful man who makes it all seem easy. He remains a captive within his home port, San Francisco, a voice nailed onto the soil of his native land, writing as he speaks. –Neeli Cherkovski

A.D. Winans is a man in search of his soul. He has great heart and compassion for people and his native city, San Francisco. I like his uncompromising spirit. He pulls no punches. – Jack Micheline

He seems to me, quite simply, a natural writer of extraordinary talent. By this, I mean that everything I read by him fills me with pleasure because of a beautifully natural and easy use of language. – Colin Wilson

And while the poet is no longer young, no longer spry, or the man he once may have been, he offers an assessment of his life in the final poem of this excellent collection, an epitaph of a kind, both brutal but to the point. – Alan Catlin in The Pedestal Magazine

The poems in this book are succinct and each line pulls you into the next and it is a pleasure to read for the drama and the descriptive use of the language. – Kirby Congdon in Small Press Review

A.D. Winans and Jack Micheline


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