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Sea Dog : A Coast Guard Memoir

Author: Eric Greinke | ISBN: 0974086851 : 9780974086859 | Format: Paperback | Size: 140x215mm | Pages: 179 | Weight: .234 Kg. | Published: Presa Press – December 2004 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Short stories

Based on the author’s real experiences

as a member of a search and rescue team on the Great Lakes in the late 1960’s, Sea Dog’ puts a different face on those times. Written with a wry, ironic humour, this a coming-of-age story that parallels the maturation of American society during that period. The story takes place during the glory days of manned lighthouses and boat rescues, before automation of the lights and Coast Guard reliance on air power. Numerous realistic Coast Guard rescues are described in detail. The salty characters are deftly drawn, including Yogi, the sea dog, one of the most unique canine characters in literature. ‘Sea Dog’ is a funny, personal look at the everyday heroes who risk their lives in the United States Coast Guard.

“A well written portrayal of the ‘Sweet Water Sand Peeps’ of the Coast Guard during that era (late 1960’s).” –Jack Eckert, LCDR, USCG (retired) in

“Sea Dog “shows the humorous, human side of life in the Coast Guard.” –Gena Kaiser in The Grand Haven Tribune

Eric Greinke

born, July 15, 1948, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kelloggsville High School, Wyoming, Michigan, 1966. United States Coast Guard, 1966 through 1968. B.A. in English, Grand Valley State University, 1971. Editor and founder, GVSU national literary magazine Amaranthus, issues 1-7. Editor & Publisher, Pilot Press Books, 1971 through 1976. Fellowship, 1st National Poetry Festival, 1971. 1970’s poetry workshops with Ted Berrigan, Paul Blackburn, Robert Bly, Gregory Corso, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Jerome Rothenberg, Jackson MacLow and Philip Whalen, among others. Book reviewer, The Grand Rapids Sunday Press, 1971 through 1979. Creative writing teacher, Grand Rapids City High School, 1974-1975. Poets-In-The-Schools Program, Michigan Council for the Arts, 1975-1976. Assistant Manager, B. Dalton Booksellers, 1975 through 1979. B.A. in Psychology, Sociology Minor, Grand Valley State University, 1976. Social Worker at St. John’s Home For Emotionally Disturbed Children, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1979. Social Worker, Riverview Residential Treatment Facilities, 1979 through 1990. M.S.W. in Clinical Social Work, Grand Valley State University, 1981. Certified Social Worker, State of Michigan, since 1981. Social Worker, Kent Client Services, 1990 through 1994. Master Angler Awards, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 1995, 1997, 2000, 2001 (2), 2002 (3), 2003 (3), 2004. Nominated for four Pushcart Prizes, 2006 (2), 2007 (2). Member, Academy of American Poets. He lives in a century-old cottage by a northern lake with his wife Roseanne and son Karl (16). He also has an adult son, Kris, and daughter, Anna.

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