Eric Greinke | The Art of Natural Fishing | Gazelle Books

In this insightful, humorous and inspiring book Master Angler Eric Greinke examines the moral, ethical and social values of fishing. He criticises our dependency on technology and advocates practising a more natural and artistic approach to both angling and living. The story of his relationship with an old fisherman runs through the narrative, providing many poignant and funny moments. “The Art of Natural Fishing” is an instant classic that connects how we fish to how we live, a good read for fishermen and non-fishermen alike. Continue reading

Eric Greinke | Sea Dog: A Coast Guard Memoir | Gazelle Books

Based on the author’s real experiences as a member of a search and rescue team on the Great Lakes in the late 1960’s, ‘Sea Dog’ puts a different face on those times. Written with a wry, ironic humour, this a coming-of-age story that parallels the maturation of American society during that period. The story takes place during the glory days of manned lighthouses and boat rescues, before automation of the lights and Coast Guard reliance on air power. Numerous realistic Coast Guard rescues are described in detail. The salty characters are deftly drawn, including Yogi, the sea dog, one of the most unique canine characters in literature. ‘Sea Dog’ is a funny, personal look at the everyday heroes who risk their lives in the United States Coast Guard. Continue reading

Inside the Outside | An Anthology of Avant-Garde American Poets | Gazelle Books

This volume brings together 13 major poets of the American small press scene, each representing an important branch of the avant-garde as it has developed over the past forty years. Each of the poets is presented in a large selection, in most cases chosen by the poets themselves. They range in age from 41 to 81, their poetics range from visual/conceptual poetry to surrealism, from personal/observation poetry to cut-up & collage poetry. Powerful, touching, innovative & humorous, these poems illuminate the underground poetry scene to give the reader a view of the real new American poetry. Kirby Congdon, Hugh Fox, Stanley Nelson, Harry Smith, Richard Kostelanetz, A.D. Winans, Lyn Lifshin, Eric Greinke, Lynne Savitt, Doug Holder, John Keene, Mark Sonnenfeld & Richard Morris Continue reading

Eric Greinke | Wild Strawberries | Gazelle Books

Wild Strawberries collects fifty-nine new poems previously published in three dozen plus literary journals such as Backwards City Review, The California Quarterly, the Iconoclast, The New York Quarterly and The Pedestal, from 2005 to 2008, by the critically acclaimed poet Eric Greinke. The book’s central theme is man’s relationship to time and the natural (and unnatural) world. Greinke’s poems are imagistic, thought-provoking and evocative. He is a master of shifting moods and personae. Includes the 180-line major poem For The Living Dead, which has been nominated by Muses Review as Best Poem of 2007 and also for a Pushcart Prize. Eric Greinke is a major voice on the small press literary scene. A must-have for all poetry collections. Continue reading

Eric Greinke | The Drunken Boat and Other Poems From the French of Arthur Rimbaud | Gazelle Books

Text in English and French. Known only to literati since its original small press publication in 1975 and two subsequent small press editions, widely published poet Eric Greinke’s innovative American versions of Rimbaud’s best poems have received critical acclaim as the best translations of Rimbaud to date. Available for the first time as a full-length book, these translations have received high praise from fellow poets-translators such as Robert Bly and Leslie H Whitten. These versions restore the music and imagery of the originals for English-language readers. Greinke was among the first American poets to prioritise poetic elements in translation, breaking tradition with the more literal but less literate ‘old school’ approach. Contains 35 of Rimbaud’s works accompanied by the original French, including Greinke’s hauntingly evocative version of “The Drunken Boat”, a poem considered by many to be the single best poem ever written in any language. Includes a twelve page introduction by the poet-translator and an index of first lines. A ‘must have’ for all students and readers of classic poetry. Continue reading