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The Art of Natural Fishing

Author: Eric Greinke | ISBN: 0977252469 : 9780977252466 | Format: Paperback | Size: 140x215mm | Pages: 96 | Weight: .13 Kg. | Published: Presa Press – December 2003 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Fishing; angling

In this insightful, humorous and inspiring book

Master Angler Eric Greinke examines the moral, ethical and social values of fishing. He criticises our dependency on technology and advocates practising a more natural and artistic approach to both angling and living. The story of his relationship with an old fisherman runs through the narrative, providing many poignant and funny moments. “The Art of Natural Fishing” is an instant classic that connects how we fish to how we live, a good read for fishermen and non-fishermen alike.

“Greinke’s The Art Of Natural Fishing on the surface seems to be a book about fishing, but it’s really a book on Zen sanity Greinke is related to Thoreau and Emerson, the New England Transcendentalists, alright…but goes back to a kind of intuitive, non-media modern-world-discarded confrontation of Inner Man with the inner nature of Nature itself.” –Hugh Fox, Iconoclast


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