Kazzrie Jaxen | Prayers and Mad Laughter

PRAYERS AND MAD LAUGHTER is an expression of the evolutionary process we are engaged in at this point in history. It begins in the 2-dimensional world which is personal, visible, rhythmic, content-oriented, with glimpses of a world beyond. (COUNTERPOINT, 2 pianos.) It then bursts into laughter which, according to the Sufi poet Hafiz, is “the soul waking up”. (ADAM AND EVE, TAKE 2.) The laughter serves as a doorway into the multi-dimensional realm which is universal, invisible, vibrational, not bound by time or space, beyond content. Continue reading

The Kazzrie Jaxen Quartet | Callicoon Sessions | Cadence Jazz Records

What? You’ve never heard of Kazzrie Jaxen? Well you have but may not know it. She has been recording since 1979 but back then it was as Liz Gorrill and she did a number of releases on the Jazz Records and New Artists labels over a twenty year period. I know those recordings but I’ve never heard her as she is here. Why someone changes their name is often a many reasoned decision, but it would seem, coincidentally perhaps, that with that change came a new attack or addressing of her music – Viva la change! Here is a pianist with a strong, unequivocal attack, ideas in reserve which at times seemingly overflow themselves. And Charley Krachy seems inspired in this company, he arguably has never sounded better on recording. And credit to Don Messina and Bill Chattin for the unwavering support they provide. This was not only an unexpected surprise but a damn pleasant one too. This is exciting music. – Bob Rusch Continue reading

The Kazzrie Jaxen Quartet | Quaternity | NA1060

Sometimes virtuosic players merge into the thing they were clearly born for. Charley Krachy’s saxophone — where does such beauty of soul come from? Heaven and Earth meet. Kazzrie Jaxen’s piano — earth-scattering harmony and melody. Ascension into liberation, cutting roads through a wilderness sky. Don Messina’s bass — intense, whispered poetry. The quiet between the notes, like Sufic meditation, which effect it has. Drummer Bill Chattin’s rhythms enter a depth of being — beating like a heart to the pulsing weave of the other three voices. These musicians assemble and slowly, with the playing of the music, become the mountain top where God and Man dance in sheer, unobstructed heights and distillation of joy. — Helena Clare Pittman Continue reading

Kazzrie Jaxen | Mark Weber | A Million Shimmering Fish | NA1057

An evolution of gratitude to Mark for the silent spaces between the thoughts, words, and poems from which this concert arose; to Tom Guralnick for planet Outpost, base camp to parallel dimensions; to Janet Simon for divine hospitality and terrestrial support; to the audience of Dreamers who dove into the cosmic womb with us; to Steven Schmidt for discerning notes and words from satelite beeps; to Dana Duke for adding shine; to Jim Gale and JB Bryan for manifesting design; and to the playful Universerse, for having that car zoom by after Poem #4, conjuring a rocket ship vanishing into outer space, or a long forgotten inner galaxy… Kazzrie Jaxen Continue reading