Kazzrie Jaxen | Mark Weber | A Million Shimmering Fish | NA1057

Kazzrie Jaxen: piano | Mark Weber: poems

Recorded Live at Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A., October 21, 2010. Recording engineer: Steven Schmidt. Mastering: Dana Duke, Big Twig Studios, Roscoe NY. Photographs: Jim Gale. Design: JB Bryan.

Tracklist: 1 – 10. Undulations Water & Clouds poem sequence [38:40] EarthWaterFire 11. Timebounce [6:46] 12. Catharsis [3:13] 13. How Deep is the Ocean [10:31] 14. Encore [1:23]

Kazzrie Jaxen | Mark Weber | A Million Shimmering Fish | NA1057

An evolution of gratitude

to Mark for the silent spaces between the thoughts, words, and poems from which this concert arose; to Tom Guralnick for planet Outpost, base camp to parallel dimensions; to Janet Simon for divine hospitality and terrestrial support; to the audience of Dreamers who dove into the cosmic womb with us; to Steven Schmidt for discerning notes and words from satelite beeps; to Dana Duke for adding shine; to Jim Gale and JB Bryan for manifesting design; and to the playful Universerse, for having that car zoom by after Poem #4, conjuring a rocket ship vanishing into outer space, or a long forgotten inner galaxy… Kazzrie Jaxen

Isn’t it regeneration

that surrounds us completely in this life? This evening herein was merely a little speck of the flickering oscillations of on-going regeneration – cycles of life ever-unfolding like looking into a kaleidoscope tumbler or watching mandelbrot fractals uncoiling and gyrating – regeneration, rotation, undulating force field Kazzrie determined to rebirth right before our eyes, apotheosis, (coincidently, we were born only days apart, this night during those natal points) – this concert seems like it was ages ago, ancient, the flow of the cosmos giant roar, we all tumbling in kaleidoscope rejuvenator… Mark Weber

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