Karl Berger | Kirk Knuffke | Moon | No Business Records

Karl and I met when we shared the bill for an “Arts for Art” night of music dedicated to Ed Blackwell. Karl was a longtime associate of Ed’s. There were two duets featured that night. Karl played duo with the great William Parker and I was invited by drummer Gerald Cleaver to play duets from the record “El Corazon” and other tunes in tribute to Ed Blackwell and Don Cherry. Karl of course played a ton with Don too! After this meeting Karl and I became fast friends. Karl invited me to teach with him at the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock NY, and now I have 2 times. It was there that we played duo for the nightly Guiding Artist concert and the concept of this album was born. Playing with Karl is so free and natural. It is my sincere pleasure to have him as a friend and a musical brother. — Kirk Knuffke Continue reading

Kirk Knuffke | Mike Pride | The Exterminating Angel | Not Two Records

I have always been involved in a lot of duo projects with all types of improvisors, from all types of musical backgrounds. This has a little to do with economics, and a lot to do with a search for deeper friendships -and/or mentorships. There are new, organic worlds-of-sound that two connected people can create when given the chance to develop intimately, over time, with honest reflection. Generally speaking, there tends to be a specific musical aesthetic at play in my duo projects, sometimes with very strict rules or a very defined direction – my duets with Jon Irabagon, Charlie Looker (Period) & Jamie Saft (Kalashnikov) immediately come to mind. The playing with Kirk is altogether different. Kirk and I just play. Kirk swings, kirk sings, kirk explores extreme registers of the cornet, and I just play, moment-to-moment. A truly pleasurable improvised music. – Mike Pride Continue reading