Kirk Knuffke | Mike Pride | The Exterminating Angel | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2012 | MW 842-2 | CD

Kirk Knuffke – cornet | Mike Pride – drums & percussion

Recorded by Mike Pride at Funhole Studios, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, on May 13 & July 2, 2010. Mixed and mastered at Funhole by Pride, July 2011. Paintings © Mike Pride. Front Cover: “Nod Stew” (acrylic, oil & felt tip marker on canvas board). Back Cover: “Cryptic” (acrylic, oil & spray paint on wood).  Inlay: “Still Coming” (felt tip marker, watercolor & cray-pas on paper)

Tracklist: 1. Appeasing the Geezer [09:53] 2. Goldie [02:09] 3. Moritz [10:03] 4. Exterminating Angel [12:10] 5. Benstein [11:25] 6. Superdixon [23:09]

I have always been involved in a lot of duo projects

with all types of improvisors, from all types of musical backgrounds. This has a little to do with economics, and a lot to do with a search for deeper friendships -and/or mentorships. There are new, organic worlds-of-sound that two connected people can create when given the chance to develop intimately, over time, with honest reflection. Generally speaking, there tends to be a specific musical aesthetic at play in my duo projects, sometimes with very strict rules or a very defined direction – my duets with Jon Irabagon, Charlie Looker (Period) & Jamie Saft (Kalashnikov) immediately come to mind. The playing with Kirk is altogether different. Kirk and I just play. Kirk swings, kirk sings, kirk explores extreme registers of the cornet, and I just play, moment-to-moment. A truly pleasurable improvised music. – Mike Pride

Still Coming (felt tip marker, watercolor & cray-pas on paper) by Mike Pride

This duo started when Mike and I planned

a trio session with bass, but then no one we wanted was available. We both said “Let’s just play duo!” The result of that first session has become a long standing group, which has produced this great recording. This is a record I have always wanted to make. Playing duo with drums, and especially with Mike, is a favorite combination for me. The first real experience I got freely improvising was playing duets with a drummer friend named Marshall when we were both in High School. We recorded those duets to cassette and I think they are still in my parents’ basement. This also marks my first completely improvised record. There was no discussion about what we would do, we just started playing. Mike makes this prospect so easy, it just rolls. – Kirk Knuffke

Photograph by Peter Gannushkin |

Thank you: Marek Winiarski, Peter Gannushkin, Peter Kerlin, Brian Drye, Stephanie Chamberlain, Brooke Pride, Se whoever lived at 4903 6th Avenue, in Brooklyn, for never complaining through 6 years of music making. Cheers!


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