Kirk Knuffke | Mike Pride | The Exterminating Angel | Not Two Records

I have always been involved in a lot of duo projects with all types of improvisors, from all types of musical backgrounds. This has a little to do with economics, and a lot to do with a search for deeper friendships -and/or mentorships. There are new, organic worlds-of-sound that two connected people can create when given the chance to develop intimately, over time, with honest reflection. Generally speaking, there tends to be a specific musical aesthetic at play in my duo projects, sometimes with very strict rules or a very defined direction – my duets with Jon Irabagon, Charlie Looker (Period) & Jamie Saft (Kalashnikov) immediately come to mind. The playing with Kirk is altogether different. Kirk and I just play. Kirk swings, kirk sings, kirk explores extreme registers of the cornet, and I just play, moment-to-moment. A truly pleasurable improvised music. – Mike Pride Continue reading