Tonino Miano | Mirio Cosottini | The Inner Life Of Residue | Impressus Records

Some improv music makes you say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ and some improv music makes you say ‘YEAH!’. This set falls in the latter camp. A face off between piano and trumpet, this duo is one of those pairs that makes it all sound so simple that any one can do it. Then many try and fail. Some have the special sauce and some don’t. Certainly a well rounded dose of sitting down jazz, you don’t have to be an egghead or arts council hanger on to dig it. Almost like performance art without the pretension, this has that special something that you want to hear when you just want to be entranced by some well played music.– Midwest Record Continue reading

Edoardo Marraffa & Tonino Miano | Edus Tonus | Impressus Records

Long time friends and college mates, Edoardo Marraffa and Tonino Miano meet again in New York after fifteen years. They had initially met in Bologna (Italy) in 1991, and collaborated until 1993. That year Mr. Miano moved to the US, and although the lines of communication were kept open, the duo never really got a chance to play together until June 2008, when Mr. Marraffa and his quartet were invited to perform at the Vision Festival in NYC. Continue reading

Frantz Loriot | Tonino Miano | Ulysses | Impressus Records

“A gaze into the timeless concept of journey and self discovery. An idyllic and haunting musical voyage where Loriot and Miano make use of all the tools at their disposal to read in between the lines of Homer’s creation. Lyrical moments give way to cascading dissonances and pounding obstinacy, maintaining a pulse that oscillates between a roaring rebelliousness and a sweet tempered longing for familiarity”. — iR
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