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Tonino Miano – piano | Mirio Cosottini – trumpet

All compositions, concept, sound and images: Mirio Cosottini, Tonino Miano. Graphic design: Tonino Miano. Recorded in Larchmont, NY, February 2013. Production: Marco Zini.

Tracklist: 1. There is a swagger about your stagger 2. Ricercare ars Revelare 3. Spoken to the wind 4. A loose end 5. Stirs under the surface 6. Petals to the moon 7. plankton 8. The concavity of reflected tones 9. Emergence 10. Breaking away 11. Lost in love lost 12. The blue seed

tonino miano | mirio cosottini | the inner life of residue | impressus records

Mirio Cosottini

We’ve reviewed Italian trumpeter Mirio Cosottini before

with EA Silence, on “Flatime” and “Cono Di Ombra E Luce”, and with pianist Tonino Miano (again!) on the equally excellent “Cardinal”, the latter two albums getting both a five-star rating. Cosottini and Miano had one duo album before, “The Curvature Of Pace”, which was quite avant-garde stylistically. Not so with this one. The two superb musicians give us references to the cool jazz of the 50s, both sonically and harmonically, yet they transform the grammar into today’s mode of speech, while adding the eclectism of modern classical music and elements of free improvisation. The approach is calm, minimal, with incredible attention for tone and pace. As they write in the liner notes “From strictly notated ideas, to graphic scores, verbal suggestions to one another, but always with only one condition in mind : to avoid binding the sound with a specific stylistic gel. That is why, in our opinion, the music is both “out” and “in”, “lyric” and “harsh”, “smooth” and “coarse”, “linear” and “non-linear”, it is the act of orbiting the object of our investigation and gaining new perspectives at each passing”. Lots of contradictions? The absolute essence for great music. Some pieces are so beautiful that it hurts. – Stef Gijssels

Some improv music makes you say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’

and some improv music makes you say ‘YEAH!’. This set falls in the latter camp. A face off between piano and trumpet, this duo is one of those pairs that makes it all sound so simple that any one can do it. Then many try and fail. Some have the special sauce and some don’t. Certainly a well rounded dose of sitting down jazz, you don’t have to be an egghead or arts council hanger on to dig it. Almost like performance art without the pretension, this has that special something that you want to hear when you just want to be entranced by some well played music.– Midwest Record

tonino miano | mirio cosottini | the inner life of residue | impressus records

Tonino Miano

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