Mary McGinnis, Anne MacNaughton and Peter Rabbit Read at the Anasazi Fields Winery | Vox Audio

Mary McGinnis is the author of Listening For Cactus (Sherman Asher 1996) and October Again. She’s reading her poems from a text in Braille. Anne MacNaughton has published her work in several anthologies and is a founding member Lucid Performance. Peter Rabbit (Douthit) has performed poetry “for more than SO years literally all over the high end of the western hemisphere,” published several chapbooks (Drop City 1971) and is a founding member of the jazz-poetry ensemble Luminous Animal. This reading was part of the 2009 Duende Reading Series.

Recorded in Placitas, NM March IS, 2009. Edited by Bruce Holsapple. Copyright 2009 Mary McGinnis, Anne MacNaughton, Peter Douthit and Vox Audio, P.O. Box 594 Magdalena, NM 8782S Continue reading