Daniele D’Agaro Adriatics Orchestra | Comeglians | El Gallo Rojo Records

Free clashes of the “Furlania” (lands of Friuli) in that of the comelican valley, recorded during the small jazz festival organized by D’Agaro in August 2006. Gluttony allegiance towards its own free jazz background, as if it were the first time. There are tasty Ellingtonian echoes in the growl of the arrangements, played by a luxurious orchestra, led by the creative drums of the ever-great Han Bennink. — Giovanni Natoli Continue reading

Zeno de Rossi Shtik | The Manne I Love! Vol.1 & 2 | El Gallo Rojo Records

De Rossi’s take on Manne is reminiscent of John Zorn’s tribute to Ennio Morricone on The Big Gundown (Nonesuch, 1986), where the Downtown saxophonist/composer combined various musicians to salute the spirit of the noted film composer. Like Zorn, De Rossi chooses not to adhere to strict covers remakes, employing Daniele D’Agaro and Francesco Bigoni, on his cover of Sonny Rollins’ trio session, Way Out West (OJC, 1957), as a two-tenor saxophone conversation, under which he applies his deft beats. Throughout the set, De Rossi’s passionate playing is the constant—like Manne, always swinging and tasteful. […] Throughout, De Rossi delivers a drum clinic. Accenting, driving, and swinging the tribute, he makes you want to dig in, dig? — Mark Corroto, All About Jazz – 21.12.2010 Continue reading