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DANIELE D’AGARO tenor sax and clarinet | HAN BENNINK drums | STEFANO SENNI bass | MAURO OTTOLINI trombone and tuba | SAVERIO TASCA vibes | BRUNO MARINI hammond organ and bass clarinet | DAVIDE GHIDONI trumpet and flugelhorn | SEAN BERGIN alto sax, flute and concertina | TOBIAS DELIUS tenor sax and clarinet

Live in Comeglians, August 22nd 2006. Recorded by Bruno Di Glesia. Mixed by Stefano Amerio. Artwork by MASSIMILIANO SORRENTINI

Tracklist: 1. ULTRAMARINE (Daniele D’Agaro) 2. EN PLEIN AIR (Daniele D’Agaro)  3. THE PRISONER (Daniele D’Agaro) 4. NO MORE LOVE (Pat Patrick) 5. ADRIATIC POLKA (Daniele D’Agaro) 6. FLUTE, BALAFON, BASS & DRUMS (Bennink / Bergin / Senni / Tasca) 7. CARRY ON, CARILLON (Mauro Costantini) 8. CHICAGO BEER COASTER (Daniele D’Agaro)

Free clashes of the “Furlania”

(lands of Friuli) in that of the comelican valley, recorded during the small jazz festival organized by D’Agaro in August 2006. Gluttony allegiance towards its own free jazz background, as if it were the first time. There are tasty Ellingtonian echoes in the growl of the arrangements, played by a luxurious orchestra, led by the creative drums of the ever-great Han Bennink. — Giovanni Natoli

Years spent gigging in Amsterdam means

that Udine-based tenor saxophonist and clarinetist Daniele D’Agaro could import a trio of Dutch masters to flesh out the powerful Italian nonet heard on this top-flight concert CD. But while Tobias Delius and Sean Bergin on reeds plus drummer Han Bennink may be better known than the Italians, but they only add pungent seasoning to the main course supplied by local players. Among them are Saverio Tasca, whose ringing vibes can be as soulful as Milt Jackson’s, and Bruno Marini, whose pumping organ riffs keeps the swinging straight ahead – when he isn’t adding orchestral color on bass clarinet [!].

Versatile and good-natured the nine easily slide through eight tunes. “No More Love” for instance, unites a mellow trombone feature for Mauro Ottolini, impressionistic key spanking from the vibes and a boudoir-ready tenor solo. In contrast, “The Prisoners” contains so many honking counter tones from the reeds mixed with dual keyboard flashes that it could be Brother Jack McDuff’s LP with Rahsaan Roland Kirk – at least until Bennink’s distinctive pops and rumbles arrive. A change-of-pace, the D’Agaro-penned “Adriatic Polka” is a staccato chant with Bennink whistling as well as drumming, oomph-pah-pah tuba from Ottolini and concertina pulses from Bergin.

Climax of the date is D’Agaro’s “Chicago Beer Coaster”. Referencing Mingus more than Michigan Avenue, the nearly 15½ minute vamp has altoist Bergin in the slinky Shafti Hadi role, backed by throbbing organ riffs and reverberating vibes, after an introduction that’s all stuttering and trilling with a capella saxophones in triple polyphony. While recorded in a mountain village of the same name, Comeglians still bristles with urban funk. — Ken Waxman

daniele d'agaro adriatics orchestra | Comeglians | el gallo rojo records


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