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Die Mehrzahl von Steffins Gedichten – und Brechts Antwortgedichte – sind Sonette. Eine traditionsreiche und anspruchsvolle Form, die Mühe macht und Können verlangt. Steffin und Brecht haben sich ihre Sonette gegenseitig korrigiert. In diesem pfleglichen Umgang mit der literarischen Produktion des Anderen fand die gegenseitige Gewogenheit einen in der Literatur einzigartigen Ausdruck. — Robert Cohen, New York Continue reading

Pata Music

Pata Music or the Concept of Composed Spheres

If you want to know the meaning of “pata” you will have to learn that your dictionary stubbornly refuses to reveal any information in this respect. To illuminate the origin of the little word we need a short literary excursion into the fascinating world of Doctor Faustroll. Because it was he who in 1898 under the overall control of the French Alfred Jarry created the expression of ” pata physics “. In the epilogue of the German edition (Alfred Jarry, Heldentaten und Ansichten des Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysiker; Publisher: Zweitausendeins) the translater Klaus Völker gives the following definition: ” Pata physics is the science which is based on unreal logic and a new reality beyond the borders of the world of external appearences removed from the usual principles of causality. Everything is able to be mixed up, to be changed, to be turned around and exchanged: things, times and spaces. But nothing is arbitrary, only that every simplicity consists of an interrelated and self-penetrating complexity.” Continue reading