Oluyemi Thomas | Henry Grimes | The Power Of Light | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2007 | MW 787-2 | CD

Oluyemi Thomas – bass clarinet, soprano, musette, gong, flute, percussion | Henry Grimes – bass

Recorded July 1, 2006 at Modern Formations Gallery and Performance Space, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Recording engineer: Mark Lamb. Mixing and mastering: Jeff Willens. Producers: Oluyemi Thomas and Henry Grimes. Front photo: Hilda Daily. Inside photos: Yasuhiro Fujioka (Henry Grimes), Jason Rakieski (Oluyemi Thomas). Cover design: Andrzej Wojnowski.

Tracklist: 1. Grace for the Race [09:36] 2. Water of Thine Eternity [04:56] 3. Fractured Flow [09:22] 4. Brothers Telling Song [08:57] 5. Hidden Mystery [07:55] 6. Lightbathers in Soundwaves [05:37] 7. Dance of the Planets, Spirits Abounding [08:42] 8. Tabernacle [05:01] Total Time: [60:06]

Henry Grimes | Photo by Yasuhiro Fujioka

It’s widely known that Henry Grimes stopped playing music in 1968

and didn’t  touch the bass for nearly 35 years. Since picking up the instrument again four  years ago, he has regained the strength and authority that earned him a strong reputation in the first place. His approach and tone put him in league with highly skilled players associated with the instrument. He moved gracefully around the  neck, plucking rapidly and producing sounds with a deeply penetrating tone and authority. Half the time, his pizzicato lines came while holding the bow in his  hand, ready to launch into some deep blue arco lines at a moment’s notice.  The performance marked the first collaboration of Grimes and multi-reedist Oluyemi Thomas, the latter a resident of Oakland, Calif, and a member of the music and poetry unit Positive Knowledge. Mutual artistic respect brought the duo together and the rapport continued throughout their musical exchanges. Thomas switched among bass clarinet, musette, soprano sax and wooden flute. Along the way, he added gongs and shakers, as well as the occasional dance move to drive home a theatrical quality and the enthusiasm of the evening. His soprano playing offered an especially compelling section of the hour-long performance… — Mike Shanley / Jazz Times

Oluyemi Thomas | Phot by Jason Rakieski

Recorded live at the Modern Formations Gallery

in Pittsburgh, PA on July 1st of 2006. West Coast mystery man and reeds wizard, Oluyemi Thomas, has an ongoing project called Positive Knowledge with his wife & collaboator, Ijeoma Thomas. Each of their six discs is special, the essence of free music and positive knowledge. In the past decade, Oluyemi has also been collaborating with a number of other heavy free- spirited players like Alan Silva, William Parker, Eddie Gale and Sunny Murray. After a 35-year sabbatical, contrabass great, Henry Grimes has returned and is is fine form. Henry has kept pretty busy since his return in 2003, but can only be found on a handful of Cds so far. This duo is a wonderful thing and was well chosen, as each of these players specializes in cosmic spirit music. This disc captures their entire live one hour set, a suite that flows organically from one section to the next. In each section, Oluyemi solos on a different reed and each one is great. In between each solo by Oluyemi, Henry also takes a number of enchanting solos, sometimes with Oluyemi backing on mysterious percussion sounds like gongs, cymbals and hand percussion. Each solo by both of these men is a gem to behold. On Fractured Flow, they erupt intensely with some explosive bass clarinet and burning bowed bass. Oluyemi has a way of reaching deep into himself and talking through his horn. He often sounds as if he is animal talking in its own native language, speaking directly to those who choose to listen. This is a most impressive and free-flowing duo from two giants. — BLG, Downtown Music Gallery



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