Piotr Wyleżoł | Adam Kowalewski | Łukasz Żyta | Yearning | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2001 | MW 732-2 | CD

Piotr Wyleżoł – piano | Adam Kowalewski – double bass | Łukasz Żyta– drums

Recorded by Czarek Borowski at Deo Recordings, Wisla, 10/11/12 September 2001. Mixed and mastered by Czarek Borowski. Produced by Piotr Wylezol, Adam Kowalewski, Lukasz Zyta. Executive production by Marek Winiarski. Photo and cover design by Natalia Bartkowska.

Tracklist: 1. Dedication [07:52] 2. Les moulins de mon coeur [05:42] 3. Minsk (in memory N.Y.C.) [08:18] 4. Euko [05:54]5. When I See You [05:59] 6. Barrel-organ [05:40] 7. Yearning [10:31] 8. Dancing With Vooco [06:14]

There are weather phenomena that make my mood metaphysical. It could be heavy rain that sometimes happens in spring. It magnifies smells of blossoming flowers into erotic perfume. Or wind which in summer comes suddenly from the mountain interior and falls on the seashore. It makes crowded beach deserted in just few moments except for few souls that felt lost among the mob and then they seemed to regain their balance in that wind. Or, like at this specific moment, when from winter sky come down, very slowly, majestically, snow flakes as big as ice chalices. And I ask myself what happened up there, have they lost their minds as we did so long ago? And there is nobody sane in universe, nobody to take care of “harmony of spheres”?

Well, not so fast boy, I start to reassure my tired mind and put this record in my Marantz CD-64 mk II KI. If such music as on this album exists there is still chance that your soul shall find peace again. It shall bring Earth into its usual elliptical orbit and our Heavenly Father back into business as usual.

And if you are more for the facts than impressions let me speak shortly: here’s fourth disc that makes my journey with Piotr Wyleżoł complete. This is his debut recording made almost 10 years ago with Adam Kowalewski (bass) and Łukasz Żyta (drums). As it happens only with the best musicians Wyleżoł played perfectly from the beginning. His style inspired by great Bill Evans is all present on this first disc and I hope he will be able to preserve it without waylaying his natural, creative development. But that is what indeed is happening since Piotr started to record in quintet format for the first time this year. With this refreshing change in his career one may only yearn for more great music from him in future… — Maciej Nowotny


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