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Evidence of the Journey

Ralph Sneeden

Author: Ralph Sneeden | ISBN: 0979000513 : 9780979000515 | Format: Paperback | Size: 155 x 230mm | Pages: 65 | Weight: .136 Kg. Published: Midpoint Trade Books (Harmon Blunt Publishers) – April 2007 |  Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry texts & anthologies

This rich collection of poems

explores family history, personal narrative, and man’s relationship to the natural world with an exacting eye and curious, searching spirit. Ralph Sneeden’s voice is accessible and honest, with a sense of wry wisdom that derives from his deep respect for the landscapes of New England and the shores of Long Island, New York-the terrain of his childhood, and the basis for his artistic vision. The book is the poet’s attempt to understand, through song and speech, elegy and observation, the personal and historic wars of a uniquely examined life.

“Anyone who loves music and dancing has had the pleasant experience of taking ordinary turns with ordinary partners, but there’s a thrill of dancing with someone who knows more, who subsumes you with unexpected grace. Turn a few pages of Ralph Sneeden’s Evidence of the Journey, and poise, the charm, the energy takes over. Sneeden is accomplished, versatile, exciting as few poets were born to be. His voice makes you trust the right way is the way he’s going. He can be as salty as he likes, he has strength and grip and distance. I loved these poems from beginning to end.” — Dave Smith

“Visual clarity, economy, mystery, emotional precision, formal authority, along with the quirky wit of deep truth—every page of Evidence of the Journey offers immensely rewarding reading. It’s a rare occasion when a first book contains the work of a master poet.” — David Huddle


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