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Yellow Doors

Author: Ruth Goring | ISBN: 097434270X : 9780974342702 | Format: Hardback | Size: 130 x 155mm | Pages: 45 | Weight: .058 Kg. | Published: Midpoint Trade Books (WordFarm Ltd) – December 2003 | Availability: In Print | Subjects: Poetry texts & anthologies

In this debut collection

Ruth Goring offers poems of winsome accessibility and adventurous, hopeful musing coupled with delightful and sensual design. She opens a door into undiscovered countries: urgent rivers, wordless giants, soul-stirring music, fathers never known, voices that beckon and fade. Here are sorrow and sweetness, heartbreak and hope. The mundane is here, and also the numinous. At times they switch places. And in the strangeness of these landscapes the familiar is revisioned.

Ruth Goring is a poet, activist, editor and artist. Her poems have appeared in Target Earth, White Pelican Review, ProCreation, Mars Hill Review, Prairie Light Review and other journals. Her “Adagio penitento” won the 2000 poetry prize from ProCreation.

Goring writes, “When I write poetry it’s usually pointless to start with an idea. I start with an image or a striking phrase and let it take me somewhere. For years I have thought of my poems as paintings: I want readers or hearers to be startled by colors, dazzled by the fall of light on some ordinary object or gesture. But they are not just visual; words are little buckets to scoop textures, fragrances, intriguing sounds, evocative flavors out of our teeming world. “A good rule for writing a poem: You have to earn the right to use an abstract word. Abstractions—love, truth, perspicuity—are vague by themselves. But if you have been immersed in some wet ocean of shifting blues, the word beautiful may surface like Venus, sudden, radiant and dripping.”


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