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Satoko Fujii – piano | Mark Dresser – bass | Jim Black – drums

Recorded at Systems Two Studios, NYC by Mike Marciano on July 14, 2003. Mastered at Hit Factory by Scott Hull on August 26, 2003. Executive producer: Natsuki Tamura. Design and photos by Motonobu Furuhata

Tracklist: 1. Illusion Suite [34:04] 2. An Irregular Course [6:23] 3. Flying to the South [8:09] 4. An Insane Scheme [5:48]

Satoko Fujii Trio | Illusion Suite | libra records

Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii, Jim Black, Mark Dresser | photo by Thomas King

With Mark Dresser and Jim Black, one long and three short pieces full of texture that escalates into energy. ― Tom Hull, Village Voice Consumer Guide To Jazz (Honorable Mention)

Again, I was totally impressed by the way she establishes her artistic style and the way she lets Mark Dresser and Jim Black express themselves so naturally. In fact they are just jamming for the most part of the title track. A great relationship of trust one should envy. ― Shiro Matsuo, Music Magazine

One of the most inventive and exciting trio discs I’ve heard in quite some time. ― Marc Medwin,

The Satoko Fujii Trio’s ear-challenging Illusion Suite swirls in and out of various moods and textures from the serene to the chaotic. Abstract percussion maestro Jim Black explores every inch of his eccentric collection of drums, cymbals, rattles, and gongs, occasionally offsetting his dense rhythmic excursions with a quirky break-beat or tribal tinged groove. ― Michael Dawson, Modern Drummer

This is truly the result of telepathic communication and impressive self-expression… the music is filled with thrill and joy of creation. It is emotional and humorous, which is also pleasing. ― Hiraku Aoki, Asahi Newspaper

…one of the most consistently enjoyable groups seeking to redefine the art of the trio. ― Jay Collins,

… Fujii’s approach combines the full-frontal assault of Cecil Taylor and Don Pullen with the melodic grace of Keith Jarrett, but this trio at times plays with the aggression of a heavy metal band without sacrificing subtlety. [Mark] Dresser makes his bass sing, scream, and sigh, and thundering [Jim] Black is a cross between Elvin Jones and the Who’s Keith Moon… fans of “out” jazz should check her out. ― Mark Keresman, Primetime

As a program of exemplary musicianship and creativity from three masters of on-the-fly improvisation, this session is a stone cold keeper. – Derek Taylor, Cadence

I listened to the first 34-minute-long track and noticed that Fujii never releases her control over the music throughout the album even when she lets the other two be spotlighted. An overwhelming trio.― CD Journal

They have developed their skills to enjoy the moment and they never allow any attempt to try to create an easygoing flow… she is not the one who is expanding the possibility of the piano trio but she is the one who has created the one and only piano trio… she leads two strong individuals called Mark and Jim to her own coherent world with great craft. She can sometimes emphasize the stimulating and wild side of their performance and at other times the sensitive side of it. Of course their deep understanding of the music helps but that also comes into effect under her leadership. ― Masahiro Imai, Musen to Jikken

Illusion Suite (Libra) is the group’s sixth album and it’s another challenging and rewarding set of edgy, improvised music . . . This is high quality stuff.  ― S.D. Feeney, Face Magazine

A first-rate recording where the trio work and think as one.― Randy McElligott,

Satoko Fujii’s vision has come into sharp focus here, on a set of sounds that feels like a nourishment for the soul . . . Her best, a top ten disc of 2004, for sure. ― Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

Illusion Suite is a delight, a rarity, a scintillating and deeply felt journey through the imagination and experience of three virtuosi. I cannot recommend this CD enough. Required listening for 21st Century ears. ― Dave Wayne, Jazz Weekly

Illusion Suite… advances from languid, impressionistic variations all the way through to sparse, near-atonal patterning and substantial rhythms, plus everything in between. ― Ken Waxman, All About Jazz

Pianist Satoko Fujii leads with a powerful forces that captivates. Accessible for traditional bebop as well as avant garde listeners, her music stirs the imagination . . . A highly energetic pianist, a rollicking acoustic bassist, and a versatile drummer join forces on Illusion Suite to combine jazz’s tradition with leading-edge ideas. ― Jim Santella, All About Jazz

… a vast playground of creative music-making styles, performed with clarity, urgency, and vision. ― John Dworkin,

Satoko Fujii Trio | Illusion Suite | libra records

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