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Not Two, 2011 | MW 858-2 | CD

Axel Lindner – violin | Mary Oliver – violin | Jessica Pavone – viola | Vincent Royer – viola | Daniel Levin – cello | Scott Roller – cello | Elliott Sharp – electric guitar | Scott Fields – electric guitar

Recorded on June 5, 2010 at the Loft, Cologne, Germany. Mixed and mastered at Topaz Studios, Cologne, Germany. Christian Heck – recording engineer. Reinhard Kobialka – mixing and mastering engineer. Cover image: Letitia Gaba. Ensemble photo: imagae from a documentary by Pavel Borodin. Cover design: Marek Wajda. Scott Fields plays a CP Thornton Jazz Elite guitar. Project support provided in part by the Sparkasse Köln/Bonn Förderprogramm and the Stadt Köln Kulturamt. Compositions by Scott Fields (GEMA)

Tracklist: 1. Ziricote [10:46] 2. Koa [06:27] 3. Paulownia [19:03] 4. Cocobolo [15:59] 5. Bubinga [14:49]

Scott Fields

(born September 30, 1956 in Chicago, Illinois), is a guitarist, composer and band leader. He is best known for his attempts to blend music that is composed and music that is written and for his modular pieces (48 Motives and 96 Gestures). He works primarily in avant-garde jazz, experimental music, and New Music.

Fields was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He started as a self-taught rock musician but soon was influenced by the musicians of the Association for the Advancement for Creative Musicians, which was active in the Hyde Park neighborhood in which he grew up. Later he studied classical guitar, jazz guitar, music composition and music theory. In 1970 Fields co-founded the power avant-jazz trio Life Rhythms. When the group disbanded two years later he played sporadically, but soon all but quit music until 1989.

Since then he has performed and composed actively. His ensembles and partnerships have included such musicians as Marilyn Crispell, Hamid Drake, John Hollenbeck, Joseph Jarman, Myra Melford, Jeff Parker, and Elliott Sharp.

Scott Fields | Photo by Peter Purgar



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