Simon Rose | Schmetterling | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2011 | MW 855-2 | CD

Simon Rose – baritone sax solo

The recording was made between 10 and 12.30 am on 27* April, 2010 at St. Joseph Krankenhaus (psychiatric hospital) Berlin-Weissensee in an extraordinary, boat shaped hall with a wooden structure in the high ceiling. Elmar Susse suggested the space and recorded using a pair of Neumann microphones. The building is surrounded by trees and plants and bird song may be clearly heard in the quieter parts. There is no post-production treatment of the sound, which represents the saxophone sound in that space, without editing. The saxophone is a 1932 Conn.

Recorded and mastered by Elmar Susse | Cover design: Marek Wajda

Tracklist: 1. Off World [07:27] 2. Panopticon [03:52] 3. Wolf Street 4. South On Squirrel [04:47] 5. Eel Feeler [05:17] 6. Boxhagener [06:41] 7. Winterfelt [05:01] 8. Spielen [02:18] 9. Like Tears In Rain [03:53] 10. Crater Lake [03:26] 11. Schmetterling [02:39] 12. Pike Market [05:27] 13. Hinter mir [03:17] 14. At 14th [02:56]

Simon Rose

performances have ranged from solo to improvising orchestras in Europe, US and Canada. Interest as a free improviser developed exploring the possibilities created by purposefully limiting himself to the alto saxophone (solo alto ‘Procession’ FMR 2005). During the last two years while based in San Francisco and Berlin, Rose has introduced the baritone saxophone, exploring the possibilities offered by the larger bore’s harmonic range (solo baritone ‘Schmetterling’ Not Two Records, 2011). Recent collaborations in small groups have included Jan Roder, Clayton Thomas, Mark Sanders, Kjell Nordeson, Simon Fell, Steve Heater, Christian Marien, Oluyemi Thomas, Klaus Janek, Liz Allbee, Steve Noble, Olaf Rupp, Antonio Borghini, Chris Chafe, Kanoko Nishi, Ava Mendoza, Weasel Walter, Dave Tucker, Damon Smith, Scott Looney, Pauline Oliveros, Charity Chan, Colin Stetson, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Dominic Lash, Jen Baker, Jakki Tolvi, Thomas Helton, Hilary Jeffery, Klaus Kuervers, Alan Wilkinson and Pascal Nichols amongst others. Participation in large groups has been with Marco Eneidi Orchestra, London Improvisers Orchestra, Ensemble directed by Evan Parker and Roland Ramanan Tentet. CD recordings can be found on Bruce’s Fingers, Emanem, FMR, Rayon, Leo, PSI and Not Two.



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