Tag Trio | Jean Demey | Yoko Miura | Ove Volquartz | Discovery Of Mysteries

Yoko Miura _ piano | Tokyo, Japan | Jean Demey _ double bass | Antwerpen, Belgium | Ove Volquartz _ bass clarinet _ contrabass clarinets | Göttingen, Germany

Live concert recorded at L’Archiduc, Brussels, Belgium on June 26th, 2011 by Michaël W Huon. Mix edit and mastering by Michaël W Huon at Odeon 120, Brussels, Belgium. Cover art: Shades of Rust by Sàndor Gyöffy. Graphic design by Giustappunto. Executive production by Stefano Giust.

tag trio | jean demey | yoko miura | ove volquartz | discovery of mysteries

Many thanks to Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg for organising, Jean-Louis Hennart and Sébastian Vaessen of the Archiduc and Sàandor Györffy. Concert supported by Inaudible association and the Communauté Française de Belgique, Service de la Musique.

Tracklist: 01 _ The deepness 6:34 02 _ Reluctance 4:13 03 _ Going into heat 4:09 04 _ Strange travels 4:11 05 _ Quiet disturbances 3:57 06 _ Songline 3:51 07 _ Delicates 8:06 08 _ Somewhere else 6:04 09 _ Deepdown mysteries 4:24 10 _ Lines in water 3:52 11 _ Wondering 7:14 12 _ Clouds with a blue edge 9:18

Great free improvisations recorded live in concert at L‘Archiduc, Brussels, on June 26th 2011 by Michaël W Huon. Yoko Miura is from Tokyo, Jean Demey is from Antwerpen, Ove Volquartz is form Göttingen… Cosmopolitan music, human music. Cover art by Sàndor Gyöffy (www.gyorffy-art.com).

tag trio | jean demey | yoko miura | ove volquartz | discovery of mysteries

Yoko Miura

born in Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan. Yoko took classical piano lessons between the ages of 5 and 18. Having heard and been inspired by jazz (for example, the music of Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy and Paul Bley), took classes taught by Masahiko Sato, Takashi Kako and attended a workshop by Takehisa Kosugi and in addition she took lessons from Yoshio Suzuki. September 2001 – recorded a CD with Matt Wilson in NY. November 2002- played with Paed Conca and Margrit Rieben in Bern. March 2003- provided music for a movie entitled “Float”. October 2003 – Europe tour with Paed Conca, Hans Koch, Margrit Rieben (Switzerland,Germany,Holland,Italy) From 2004 – started a collaboration with Isao Makino, who draws pictures while listening to my music. March 2004 – released a CD “Yoko Miura & Matt Wilson /Dialogue”. September 2004 – doing recording a second album with Matt Wilson. June 2006 -Europe tour ( Zurich, Bern, Biel, Geneve, St-Etienne, Paris). May 2007 – France Tour ( Nime, Bordeaux, Mets, Paris) with Yuichi Kishino. Nov 2007 – released a CD ” CIELO”. May – July 2008 Europe Tour “La Veuve Mustache”( Holland, Belgium, France, UK). “Improvised Concert”( France, Switzerland, Italy). June 29th Paris with Jean Borde ( bass)Emmanuel Rébus (mathematical sounds), Arnaud le Mindu (guitar).

tag trio | jean demey | yoko miura | ove volquartz | discovery of mysteries

Ove Volquartz

(Göttingen/Germany) plays with musicians from the free jazz and improvised music scene. Furthermore he works as a composer and collaborates in interaction projects with dancers like Tadashi Endo, painters, poetry or films. He worked with musicians like Cecil Taylor, Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell, Marion Brown, Gunter Hampel, Baby Sommer, Peter Kowald, Sabu Toyozumi, Chris Sharkey, Peeter Uuskyla…. As a composer he works in the jazz filed as in contemporary music as well. In his playing he crosses the border between jazz, contemporary music, improvised music, rock… whatever. He recorded among others with Annexus Quam, Gunre Hampel, Cecil Taylor, Sabu Toyozumi…


Jean Demey

Double Bass, Clarinets, Darboukas: Jean started out in the 70’s with folk music in Antwerp. Later on he met the jazz musicians of that time. He set up a trio with alto player Mike Zinzen, and formed several bands with Chris Joris, Michel Mast (X-Legged Sally), Luc Mishalle and other respectively. In the same milieu Jean met the great Arabian oud player Hassan Erraji (see allmusic.com on the internet) and the trio Arabesque was born with Pierre Narcisse on percussion and Jean on bass. The interest in multicultural musical cooperation was a fact. Time was ripe then for acoustic fusion, with griot N’Faly Kouyaté from Guinea, Turkish saz player Mahier Tezerdi and his father on bass drum, Italian singer Angelo DeSimoné, Algerian and Morrocan raï singers Cheb Kader and Cheb Mimoun… Most recent years have been an intense search for ethnic combinations.

tag trio | jean demey | yoko miura | ove volquartz | discovery of mysteries

Cover art by Sàndor Gyöffy


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