Lol Coxhill | Enzo Rocco | Fine Tuning | Amirani Records

Taken live at 2008 All Frontiers festival finally on record this great, sincere, fresh duo finds here an happy declination of its intrinsecal creativity. The ubiquity of Coxhill’s sax lines are here answered, cherished, enhanced by the excellent guitar touch of Enzo Rocco. It’s a sort of subtle anarchic dance, intriguing and true. Lol Coxhill’s unique sound statement is really an impro trademark: hypnotic and cartoon, lyrical and harsh. Enzo Rocco’s intelligent drive has the gift of immediacy and the force of depth, at the same time. Amirani records is proud to be part of this venture! Continue reading

Hannah Marshall | Nicola Guazzaloca | Gianni Mimmo | Leila Adu | The Shoreditch Concert | Amirani Records

The Shoreditch Church concert and recording represents one of the best performances I have assisted in the past 2009. Four different and strong personalities, extremely talented, have played in an unusual place [an old church in the busy Shoreditch central London area] that for the characteristic of its own acoustic has engaged the quartet in a highly demanding level of concentration, and resulting in an extraordinary performance”. Excerpt from the liner note by composer Dario Palermo Continue reading

Amirani Records

a m i r a n i r e c o r d s lends an ear to what rings true in the production of sound and art, whether experimental or not. Attention to tales from within, to narration torn from vividly chequered imprecision, to fragments of pure air, snatches of urgency, tentative dirges, and to bright traces, silences and depths, that together enable a mapping both published and unpublished creativity. a m i r a n i r e c o r d s awakens curiosity, reveals the light in fragments and observes the richness of mingling. Its collection of exchanges and risky juxtapositions will catalogue, and like little flags on a map, clarify the emergence of underlying intentions. A network that vibrates in twists and turns. An acute listening that first pinpoints the elements and then understands the whole. Continue reading