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Edition number twenty-three by Amirani records is The Shoreditch Concert.

Live recorded in St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church in London, here is a stunning, colourful, perfectly balanced, awesome concert.

Interwoven lines in the crystal challenging acoustic of a severe architecture, re-designing the listening experience in a great, soulful performance.

The creative piano touch of Nicola Guazzaloca, the sparkling cello touch of Hannah Marshall, the remarkable palette of Gianni Mimmo’s soprano sax along with the flexible vocal force of Leila Adu in a memorabile concert.

The Shoreditch Church concert

and recording represents one of the best performances I have assisted in the past 2009. Four different and strong personalities, extremely talented, have played in an unusual place [an old church in the busy Shoreditch central London area] that for the characteristic of its own acoustic has engaged the quartet in a highly demanding level of concentration, and resulting in an extraordinary performance”. Excerpt from the liner note by composer Dario Palermo.

T H E S H O R E D I T C H C O N C E R T tracklist: 1. _How D the D is 2. _Act on your speech 3. _tensive/pensive 4. _The bending attitude 5._Where lies the final harbor, whence we unmoor no more?

c r e d i t s : Hannah Marshall _ cello | Nicola Guazzaloca _ piano | Gianni Mimmo _ soprano sax | Leila Adu_ voice | Live recording _2009, October the 30th | St. Leonards’s Shoreditch Church, London, UK. | Music _ H.Marshall, N.Guazzaloca, G.Mimmo, L.Adu | Liner note _ Dario Palermo | Cover painting _ Toti Scialoja | Production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records | The title of track n.5 is a qoute from Moby Dick by Herman Melville. | Our thanks go to Mr. John Russell for his inspiring presence and to Revd. Paul Turp, Rector of St. Leonard’s Church.


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