Mirio Cosottini | Mantras | Impressus Records

Mirio Cosottini graduated from Florences Academy of Music in 1992 and subsequently studied under P. Thibaud, Luca Marzana and Emanuele Antoniucci. In 1999, he received his degree in Philosophy at the University of Florence. He is one of the founding members of Timet, a 10-year collaboration that led to his contribution as a performer and composer on several of the group’s highly original works. Since that time, he has dwelved further into composition, musical analysis and improvisation, as can be seen from his musical contributions to the field of dance, theatre, poetry and cinema. In 2005 he founded with Alessio Pisani the GRIM (Musical Improvisation Research Group). Since 2005 teaches improvisation at the Conservatory of Padova, Italy. Continue reading