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Anders Berg plays acoustic and electric basses. Tellef Øgrim plays fretted and unfretted (normal and baritone) guitars, the Hadron Particle synthesizer as well as other instruments.

Tracklist: 1. Chase [05:00] 2. Eternity Left Behind [03:15] 3. Risk of Optimism [04:07] 4. December [07:04] 5. Far from Hospitality [14:23] 6. More Dog [05:41] 7. I´m ready for my Close-Up [08:16] 8. KUME [03:27] 9. Flagirk´s Tail [02:35]

Cover photo by Tellef from Stortingsgata 30 in Oslo (architect Leif Torp, 1930). Cover design by Pevanni. KUME was mastered by Gunnar Backman (contact at


is the second album from the duo collaboration of bassist Anders Berg (SE) and guitarist Tellef Øgrim (NO). The 9 tracks of this release are all based on improvisations on analogue or electronic instruments. KUME was released at May 17 2015.

Their background from rock, jazz and other groove oriented styles constitute the raw material for the two musicians adventures into the large and unpredictable field of free improvisation.

Chris Haines, reviewer at Freejazzblog, rated the duo’s first album, November, as the tenth best of 2014, writing that “…the pair have created a fine album of improvised duo pieces, which also contains a healthy amount of electronic-based music enabling them, at times, to create a much fuller sound, and work with an extended palette of colours and rhythms”.

Anders Berg and Tellef Øgrim have earlier met and played in quartet constellation with Henrik Wartel and Gunnar Backman in den Haag and Gothenburg. During the last couple of years, Anders’ bass has been heard on recordings such as Wonka Live at Eyedrum Atlanta and Glas Live at Brötz. Among Tellef’s projects of the last 10 years are Some Dodos Never Die (solo) Wagon 8 (with Jacek Kochan and Dag Eilertsen), Do I the In (with Joe Fonda, Kochan and Franz Hautzinger) and the audiovisual band Mugetuft (with Henrik Hellstenius, Jakop Janssønn and Peter Knudsen).


Please Note: Here are quiet a number of videos with Tellef Øgrim. Check it out!

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