Michael Vlatkovich | Chris Lee | Kent McLagen | Three3 | Thank You Records

Michael Vlatkovich – trombone / compositions | Chris Lee – drums | Kent McLagen – acoustic bass

Recorded live performance at West Side Books, Denver Colorado. 7/18/07 by Craig Kayser. Edited and mastered by Wayne Peet 5/14/08 Newsone Studio, Los Angeles. All Artwork and photography: Jill Torberson. Graphic design: William Rober. Liner poetry: Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. The Fat Dance (6:46) 2. Somehow We Can’t Catch a Glimpse Of Our Future in A Passing Train Window Train Window (6:57) 3. Length of the Tail Doesn’t Really Matter But It Does Have To Be Bushy (8:14) 4. Neighbourhood Beasts Let Down Their Hair (5:54) 5. Model Planetarian (5:48) 6. The Man Who Walks…(5:39) 7. Where is Wanda Skutnick? (6:55)


I found that bottle of reorganized notes
coincidently same place the plunger came
from across the wharf in that 1957 Chevy
with the rust fin
same damn notes Hoagy used but
supercharged with grape nuts flakes
sparkling dawn tentacles of light on the horizon
we’re amid ships with this trio
Odysseus has the map out
we’re taking a guess that the island
where the people who make that speckled bronze
is yonder
due south
our trombonist has kept it secret
but the drummer got him talk
so, we’re off
but once we get there the bass player is
going to have to take the brake cables of his bass
and put them back in the Chevy
we’re trading the Chevy for more
bronze to make trombones

–mark weber, 9aug08

thankyou records

Kent McLagen | Michael Vlatkovitch | Chris Lee | Photo: Collen OBrien

Kent McLagen |Michael Vlatkovitch | Chris Lee | Photo: Collen OBrien


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