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Not Two, 2004 | MW 759-2 | CD

Thomas Pernes – piano | Andy Mandorff– guitar

All compositions by Thomas Pernes and Andy Manndorff. Recorded at Pernes Private Studio – Vienna, September 5, 2003. Mastered at Red Yard Studio, Vienna. Sound Engineer: Karl Petermichl. Photographers: Herbert Ellinger (Andy’s photo), Didi Stattmann (Thomas’ photo), Thomas Pernes and Andy Manndorff (landscape photo). Designer: Bartosz Winiarski. Andy Manndorff plays strings made by Thomastik-Infeld exclusively. Supported by SKE-Fonds, austro mechana. Copyright 2004 by Thomas Pernes and Andy Manndorff, AKM.

Tracklist: 1. Persistence [04:36] 2. PernDorff Light [01:31] 3. The Conversationalists [01:54] 4. Go And go And Go… [01:21] 5. Excitement [01:15] 6. A Short Conversation [00:59] 7. For Bill And Jim Part 1 [05:38] 8. Stop Immediately! [01:37] 9. For Bill And Jim Part 2 [03:03] 10. Space Enough [04:03] 11. Reason [04:51] 12. A Tribute To Anton von Webern [01:55] 13. Strolling Through Perndorff [05:08] 14. Sadness In E-minor [02:00] 15. Moving Object [02:19] 16. Jump! [03:32] 17. Civic Aggreavation [01:46] 18. Double Game [03:46]

Thomas Pernes

born in Vienna in 1956. He studied piano with Bruno Seidlhofer and composition with Roman Haubenstock-Ramati. The start of his career in contemporary music was marked by the première of the 1st string quartet at Wiener Konzerthaus in 1976. Already in the early 1980s he had widened the narrow sphere of interest of the classical avant-garde. At a time when the term ´crossover´ was not yet known he worked with elements of folk music and jazz just as he used electronics to enlarge the possibilities of composition.

In the 90s he started developing his own form of music theatre, known as Klangtheater: “When Thomas Pernes speaks about sound theater as representation or reproduction of reality, one should think not only superficially of the everyday elements such as sound, fragments of conversation, thought, and quotation that are built into the montage. It is rather and above all the unity that arises paradoxically from disparate and divergent elements and their individual motions that corresponds in its dialectical structure to reality. As Hegel says about reality and truth, so too is the sound theater the Baccahanalisn revel in which no member is not drunk.”

Thomas Pernes has had performances and commissions at: Donaueschinger Musiktage, ISCM World Music Days in Jerusalem, Daiichiseimei Hall / Tokyo, IRCAM / Paris, Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts / Washington, Pan Music Festival / Seoul, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart, Holland Festival / Amsterdam, Biennale/ Venice, Musikprotokolle im steirischen herbst, Wiener Staatsoper, Internationales Bucknerfest Linz, ars electronica, Wiener Festwochen, Wiener Musikverein amongst others.

Andy Manndorff

With his stunning and headstrong playing technique Manndorff has developed an unmistakable style and one of the most distinctive sounds in the international guitar discourse. Born in Vienna, he lived and worked in Amsterdam from 1980 to 1988, then in New York until 1995. Since his return to Vienna in 1995 Andy Manndorff has concentrated on his own projects, from solo performances to projects that deal with a tightrope walk between composition and spontaneous intuition.

In these works he frequently refers to jewish – viennese composers of the 20th century. He has written Chamber music, musical theater and an opera for the „Künstlerhaus” in Vienna.

Manndorff has done extensive touring all over Europe, Russia, India, the US and Africa. In whatever musical idiom Andy Manndorff moves, he never loses himself in virtuosity as an end in itself. He is always mindful to leave himself and his musicians enough space to explore new paths and byways.



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