Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | Not Two Records

Not Two, 2012 | MW 880-2 | CD

Gianni Mimmo – soprano sax | Elisabeth Harnik – piano | Clementine Gasser – 5-string cello

Music by Gianni Mimmo, Elisabeth Harnik, Clementine Gasser. Recorded at Amann Studios, Wien, Austria, November 18, 2010. Sound engineer: Christoph Amann. Mixing & mastering: Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano Italy. Coverphoto/Coverart by Marek Wajda. Executive producer: Marek Winiarski

Tracklist: 1. Atomic Heart [07:28] 2. Shade Multiplication [03:07] 3. Fire Code [08:02] 4. Radiance [04:10] 5. 10.000 Leaves [09:43] 6. Kitty Hawk [09:53] 7. Remaining Words [09:30]

Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | nottwo records


recording is full of that freshness that easily overcomes genres and categories. The technical preparation of the single performers is impressive and the Trio emphasizes a powerful sense of ensemble by making-music-together in a constant listening to each other in a continuum that is rich of an almost endless palette of colours, sensitivity, shadow and light, weight and lightness.

Elisabeth Harnik’s piano becomes a multi-faced unknown percussion instrument when she sometimes steps into the strings for bringing the attention to an unusual harmonic bowing, pizzicato, and martellato that often reminds of an ancient far East ensemble. A pianism that brilliantly affirm what might be contemporary today.

The ability of Gianni Mimmo to profoundly modify the soprano saxophone generates an astonishing infinite world of sound. He slowly explores and liquefies its timbre into fascinating modalities.

Clementine Gasser’s five-string cello [an intriguingly exceptional cello range] perfectly completes the Trio by offering a remarkable originality: her playing and techniques are never expectable and her ability to adapt, mutate and hybridising brings the attention to multiple layers of sonorities. — Dario Palermo 5/2011

Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | nottwo records

Gianni Mimmo

Pavia, Italy. 1957. Work :A saxophonist and composer in the fields of jazz and experimentation for over 25 years, he has produced a series of original projects with highly disparate groups. His interest in the contamination between the arts has lead him to participate in numerous interdisciplinary activities, in particular those which examine the relationship between music-text and music-image. Presiding influences include jazz names like Steve Lacy and Roscoe Mitchell, contemporary musicians like J.Cage and Robert Ashley, and artists such as J.Pollock and Toti Scialoja. “Quest” is the key word that accompanies his work, which often gives priority to the collaboration of very different elements. The treatment of musical timbre and of advanced technique on the soprano sax, to which he has monastically dedicated himself in recent years, have become the distinguishing features of his style. In the last few years he founded Stanze a music and word laboratory which has since become the contemporary group Al3ali (soprano voice, double bass, soprano sax, reading voice, live electronics). He is dedicating himself more and more to solo performance and to the investigation into the relationship between the monodic instrument and silence. In 2000 he began a rich collaboration with Chandra Livia Candiani ( Montale prize) that lead to the performance “Lettere mai scritte”, in which poetry and music find a truly stimulating way of looking at each other. He collaborated with the writer and translator Anna Ruchat for his work on the text of Victor Klemperer “Una fossa nell’aria” that later became a musical reading, presented in both Italy and Switzerland.–All About Jazz

Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | nottwo records

Clementine Gasser

was born in Lucerne, Switzerland. Having started cello classes at the age of six, she studied first at the Lucerne Conservatoire with Peter Leisegang and then jazz composition at the Vienna Conservatoire from 1999-2002. At the Wiener Sommerseminar für Neue Musik the artist received the International Composition Award both in 2003 and 2004. She is living and working in Vienna.

Together with the guitarist Peter Lössl Clementine Gasser formed a duo by the name of Wilde Kammermusik; in 1998 they founded their label WKM/Wilde Kammermusik, which has so far released the CDs RUFUS, WHITE and PIONEER 23, featuring mainly own compositions. The musician performs with Mikołaj Trzaska (saxophone, bass clarinet), Michael Zerang (drums/percussion), Klaus Falschlunger (sitar), Pepe Fiore (tabla/percussion), Pia Palme ((sub)-bassflutes, feedbacktubes, elektronics), Erwin Schober (drums/percussion), Joachim Roedelius (piano, keyboard, electronics) among others.

Wild Chamber Trio | Gianni Mimmo | Elisabeth Harnik | Clementine Gasser | 10.000 Leaves | nottwo records

Elisabeth Harnik

free-lance composer and pianist, was born 1970 in Graz and currently lives in Gams (County of Styria / Austria). She studied classical piano and later – with Beat Furrer – composition at what is now the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz. She started her artistic career both as interpreter of her own works as well as pianist and singer in various areas of improvised music.



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