A Spirale | Agaspastik | fratto 9 | CD

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fratto9 under the sky-Desert Factory-JP

Maurizio Argenziano: guitar | Massimo Spezzaferro: drums | Mario Gabola: sax

All tracks recorded by A Spirale between July 2008 and January 2009 at their basement studio in Naples, except kaluli, recorded in August 2007 by confusio. All tracks mixed by SEC_ in February 2009 at his studio. Graphic design: Vincenzo De Luce.

Tracklist: 1 black crack | 2 naja tripudians | 3 suriciorbu | 4 calco | 5 climbing your backbone | 6 kaluli | 7 tersicore

listen to A Spirale | Black Crack

Try to imagine Kevin Drumm and Bhob Rainey playing rock together,

with a drummer that deviate their already deviant music playing something coming from the sixties. The aim is to make music “not playing” (barbarous music, quoting Cornelius Cardew), a torn body that spits blood, whose only movement is generated by spastic contractions due to injuries. Agaspastik represents the “step beyond” of A Spirale, that from electroacoustic destructuration of “Porosità” (cd-r) and “Gariga” (SM – 1360) expand their range of possibility and control over the sound matter, losing themselves in the languages of radical improvisation, of power noise, of punk… Very dark and violent music, with bewildering moments of melody…