Al Faaet – drums, framedrum, percussion & J.A. Deane – trombone, electronics, standing waves, bass flute

Percussion & trombone / electronics. Meteoric engagement. Cumulative effect. Eine Kleine buenas noches nachtfockingmusik. This thing ‘ll blow the top of your house off. When I played one of the tracks on my radio show at KUNM a listener suffering from cerebral cortical atrophy called to tell me, in slow measured fuming tones: “That record you are playing right now I want you to JAM IT UP YOUR ASS!” Actually, it’s our best seller here at Zerx Industries. Music rating: brutal. Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. Zep Tepi 2. Grand Cross Eclipse 3. Zeropoint Chamber 4. Cylindrical Vortices 5. 19.5 North South 6. Nested Lattice


This download comprises one 67.99MB zip file with the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.