Al Faaet – drums, framedrum, percussion & J.A. Deane – trombone, electronics, standing waves, bass flute

Percussion & trombone / electronics. Meteoric engagement. Cumulative effect. Eine Kleine buenas noches nachtfockingmusik. This thing ‘ll blow the top of your house off. When I played one of the tracks on my radio show at KUNM a listener suffering from cerebral cortical atrophy called to tell me, in slow measured fuming tones: “That record you are playing right now I want you to JAM IT UP YOUR ASS!” Actually, it’s our best seller here at Zerx Industries. Music rating: brutal. Mark Weber

Tracklist: 1. Zep Tepi 2. Grand Cross Eclipse 3. Zeropoint Chamber 4. Cylindrical Vortices 5. 19.5 North South 6. Nested Lattice