Albrecht Maurer – violin | Mat Maneri – viola | Lucian Ban – piano

Recorded at Loft Köln, Mai 2012 by Christian Heck and Mai 2013 by Stefan Deistler. Mixed by Holger Urbach, Musikproduktion Ratingen. Mastered at systems two, Brooklyn, by Max Ross. Cover and inside photo by Christina Modreanu. Graphic design concept by Christiane Resch. Portrait photos by Gerhard Richter. Produced by Albrecht Maurer and Lucian Ban, all rights reserved! Made in Lithuania. Nemu Records, Siebengebirgsallee 12, 50939 Köln, Germany

Tracklist: 1. Irreverence by Lucian Ban [7:11] 2. Fantasm by Paul Motian [5:51] 3. Aura by Albrecht Maurer [11:17] 4. Pina by Lucian Ban [6:41] 5. Elysium Planitia by Albrecht Maurer [4:51] 6. El Corazon by Lucian Ban [4:42] 7. Twin Rivers by Lucian Ban [4:36] 8. Last Steps by Mat Maneri [6:13] 9. Ok Now by lucian Ban [2:55] Total Time [54:34]