ALBUzerxQUE Volume 17 | Zerx 057 | MP3

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My greatest invention. Some people call these things “samplers” akin to them embroidery and needlework delicacies those dear 19th century maidens stitched together. Just like that. — Mark Weber


Track list: 1. J.A. DEANE “Morning Session“ 13APRIL03 Santa Fe Dave Wayne, drums; Steven M. Miller, percussion; Jeff Sussman, vibes; Chris Shultis, marimba; Chris Jonas, soprano & tenor sax; Dave Nielsen, clarinet & bass clarinet; Christopher Thomson, flute; Dino, conductor & live sampling 2. LISA GILL “all the time doubt and neutrinos passing through“ 26MARCH03 Janet Feder, prepared guitar; Mark Weber, (arrangement) & hubcaps 3. CHRIS SHULTIS “Four Romantic Miniaturse“ (2002) 16DEC02 Falko Steinbach, piano; Manny Rettinger, engineer. 4. MARK WEBER “Interlude“ 15MARCH03 MW, guitar & comp.; Janet Feder, prepared guitar; Amy Denio, clarinet. 5. BING “Steamboat Bill Jr.“ 10JAN03 Molly Sturges, accordion, sampler, cello, voice; Chris Jonas, sax & harmonica; Mark Weaver, tuba; Dave Wayne, drums. 6. TODD MOORE & MARK WEBER “Cherokee Hawkins Breezy Conditions“ 12FEB & 14MARCH & 14MAY03 Lisa Polisar, flute; arrangement by MW. 7. MARK WEBER & MICHAEL VLATKOVICH “Waiting for a Train“ (Jimmie Rodgers) 6APRIL02 MW, guitar & song; MPW, trombone 8. BAYOU SECO “Chile Verde“ (JMcl) 13APRIL03 Jeanie MrLerie, vocals & fiddle; Ken Keppeler, button accordion; Terry Bluhm, bull fiddle; Jefferson Voorhees, drums; Robin Seydel, mc 9. GERALD LOCKLIN “breadwinner“ 12DEC02 10. J.A.DEANE “Chain Letter (4)“ 2oAPRIL & 1MAY03 Katie Harlow, cello; Dino, bass flute 11. CONNIE CROTHERS, piano; RICHARD TABNIK, alto sax; Mark Weber, text; “The Morning Becomes Us” 26MARCH01 Live at the Outpost Performance Space 12. CK BARLOW “RC—SE-X Struct 1“ 23OCT00 13. CHRIS SHULTIS “statement“ 14MAY03 14. FIELD RECORDINGS “fragment from February“ 2FEB03 Mark LeClaire & Michael Rose, homemade instruments and electronics 15. GENE FRUMKIN “Vision” 13MAR03


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