amirani records 033

A Windy Season is: Angelo Contini _ trombone, didjeridoo, thunder drum, jew’s harp, sea-shell | Mirio Cosottini _ trumpet, flugelhorn | Gianni Mimmo _ soprano sax | Alessio Pisani _ bassoon, contra-bassoon

music _ instant compositions by A Windy Season. recording _ 2012, 5-6 Jan., Fondazione Remotti, Camogli, Italy. engineering & mixing _ GRIM. mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti at New Mastering studio, Milano, Italy. Tidal concept _ Gianni Mimmo. cover artwork _ excerpt from “Panta Rhei (vectors)” by Pedro Mari inside photo _ Mirio Cosottini. graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca. production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records, GRIMedia records, Teriyaki Records

Special thanks to Fondazione Pierluigi e Natalina Remotti for the inspiring location and the artistic support. Thanks to Assessorato alla Cultura di Camogli. Gianni Mimmo plays Gloger Handkraft saxophone necks and Masterclip™ ligature. Edition number thirty-three by Amirani Records is TIDAL™

Tracklist: 1. Amplitude and Cycle Time 2. Ebb and Flow 3. Line and its Fragility 4. Humpback Song 5. Amphidromic 6. Tidal 7. Rogue Wave 8. Bay Lyric 9. Westerlies Tale