Ann Menebroker & Kell Robertson

This is an epistolary book, a mode of writing quite popular in the 19th century, a form Dostoyevsky used for his first novel POOR PEOPLE, the book he wrote before he went to Jail for a decade. But it wasn’t POOR PEOPLE that got Dostoyevsky sent to Siberia; it was “conspiracy.”

Though I doubt Ann or Kell will get thrown in the slammer because of this tome, it is conceivable that with a few changes in politics, along Reaganistic lines, they might be indicted for this conspiracy, this honesty & openness, and life-long iconoclasm that necessarily personifies a poet in these days & times.

First Edition February 1991 | 500 copies | typo inspectors: Joan Jobe Smith & Fred Voss | cover graphics by Mark Weber | (c) 1991 held by authors & Zerx Press, 318 4th Avenue, Salt Lake City, UTAH 84103