Blaise Siwula (alto-saxophone, tenor-saxophone) | Dom Minasi (guitar) | Nobu Stowe (piano) | Ray Sage (drums)

Tracklist: 1. Quartet IIa 2. Quartet IIb 3. Trio I 4. Quartet IIIb 5. Trio II 6. Quartet IIIa 7. Quartet I

Recorded at The Studio N.Y., 2/18/2006. Recorded by Katherine Miller and Shinobu Mitsuoka. Mixed by Ray Sage and Katherine Miller. Produced by Manfred Schiek.

All music was spontaneously composed/improvised by Blaise Siwula, Dom Minasi, Nobu Stowe and Ray Sage. All music is published by Pochi Neko Ongaku Syuppan (BMI). Cover paintings design by Honyo Ohte (Tako Productions). Inner sleeve painting by Jakuchu Ito.


This download consists of one zip file containing the complete track list in 192kbps MP3 format along with album art in high resolution JPG format.