John Vaughn – saxophones | Dax Compise – drums | Brian Clark – bass | guest appearance by: Rent Romus – C-melody saxophone

Produced by C.O.M.A.. Recorded Direct to 2-track analog by Myles Boisen at Guerrilla Recording Oakland, California, December 28, 2003. Mastered by Myles Boisen, January 13, 2004 |

C.O.M.A. would like to thank Karin and Merilyn for putting up with musician husbands, Ray and Melissa from the Caffein Den for providing a constant venue, Rent for putting up with us, the “In The Moment” crew for their support and Dave Bryant for his liner notes.

Tracklist: 1. THE CALL TO ALL by compise 2. TRADITION by Compise 3. I LOVE YOU by Compise 4. GOING SOUTH by Vaughn 5. ELEVATOR TO HELL by COMA 6. PAYIN1 THE RENT by COMA 7. SHALOM MICKEY by COMA 8. HEY, THAT HURTS! by Vaughn