John Rangel – piano | Michael Glynn – bass | Cal Haines – drums

Tracklist: 1. Time -John Rangel 2. Horace-Play – Michael Glynn 3. Not So Easy – Cal Haines & John Rangel 4. V – John Rangel 5. Chance – John Rangel 6. Priorities – John Rangel 7. Waltz – John Rangel 8. Heptagon – Cal Haines & John Rangel 9. This Is The Place Of Parting – Michael Glynn

Recorded: March 2 &3 2012 at Free to Earth Music in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. Produced by: John Rangel. Graphics/packaging design by: Cal Haines and Victoria Rogers

Time is the canvas where musicians paint aural pictures to delight, inspire, reflect. There is no other way in but investing time for listening to hear these impressions. The changes for this tune are based on the standard “Just In Time”. Creating a new melody from a standard was a common practice amongst bebop musicians of the 1940s and ‘50s to simplify the need for rehearsal with a rhythm section. The inspiration for the melody in “Time” came from Charlie Parker. Horace-Play was written with the works of Horace Silver in mind. Silver’s ability to combine a deceptively simple bluesy melody with rapidly changing harmonies, as well as his focus on creating fully realized arrangements, have set a high standard in jazz and were the inspiration for this composition. Not So Easy is a tribute to Bobby Timmons co-written by John Rangel and Cal Haines. At a rehearsal Cal played this modified Jimmy Cobb groove that was on “Easy Does It”. That rhythm was the source of what became an uptempo soulful swing. V is dedicated to Victoria Rogers, the honorary fourth member of the group. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to sustain the effort we have for the Tribute Trio. She is complex, thoughtful, passionate, unusual, and a talented artist. Victoria has worked tirelessly to present the Tribute Trio and we will always be grateful to her. Chance is dedicated to Herbie Hancock. Herbie has always been a masterful arranger. His arrangements in the ‘60s were unpredictable and swinging. Some favorite recordings that still inspire John are “Takin’ Off”, “Empyrean Isles”, “Speak Like a Child”, “The Prisoner” and “Maiden Voyage”. “Chance” comes from a quote from Ansel Adams: “Chance favors the prepared mind…” Priorities is dedicated to Joe Zawinul and a tune called “The Fifth Canto” on his recording “The Rise & Fall of the Third Stream”. Paul Moyer said we are “entertaining ourselves to death” as a culture. A life dedicated to music is a personal choice and a matter of priorities. This is a tribute to Free Jazz Improvisation. Waltz is inspired by the beautiful chord progressions and lyrical melodies of Frederick Chopin. John improvised on one of the waltzes, changed the meter of the first section and replaced the melody with a bass solo. Although waltzes have lost their popularity among dancers, the jazz waltz provides listeners with a tender romantic mood. Heptagon co-written by John Rangel and Cal Haines is a tribute to Bobby Timmons. Not known for writing in odd meters, Mr. Timmons wrote “Cut Me Loose Charlie” in 5/4. Cal created a 7/4 second line New Orleans feel and “Heptagon” took shape. This Is The Place Of Parting consists of several short composed sections separated by areas of open improvisation. The concept behind the performance of this piece was to sustain a tranquil mood and let the energy ebb and flow as a trio instead of showcasing individual soloists. While not written in the style of Chick Corea per se, elements were influenced by him. Cal plays the cajon, bringing in the change in timbre.

Original compositions by John Rangel, Michael Glynn and Cal Haines. Inspired by jazz legends and other creative people.