This French duo creates detailed and moody aural landscapes, where sweeping melodies and swirling dynamics blend dramatically. They spread their songs out like a lavish feast, inviting the listener to dine on a wide array of lush textures and expansive soundscapes. Vive Cheval de Frise! For fans of Gastr del Sol, Hella, and Don Caballero.

Thomas Bonvalet – amplified acoustic guitar | Vincent Beysselance – drums |Guest: John Dieterich – guitar (1)

Recorded by Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone Studio, San Francisco, CA in August 2004. Mixed by Adrian Riffo at D2 Mobil Factory. Cover art by Greg Vezon.

Tracklist: 1. La lame du mat I | 2. La lame du mat II | 3. La lame du mat III | 4. La lame du mat IV | 5. La lame du mat V