Christoph Gallio | Mösiöblö | Percaso | CD

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Sarah Maurer: mezzosoprano, Marino Pliakas: guitar, Thomas Eckert: Bb and bass clarinet, Christoph Gallio: soprano & altosax, Peter Schärli: guest, trumpet and flugelhorn,John Halpern and Felix Klopotek: liner notes.

All compositions are by Christoph Gallio except track 5, 20 by Maurer, Pliakas, Eckert, Gallio,track4, 7, 17, 25, 34 by Maurer, Pliakas, Eckert, Gallio, Schärli, track 10, 26, 35 by Maurer, Pliakas, Eckert, track 16, 31 by Maurer, Eckert, Gallio, track 11 by Pliakas, Eckert, track14 by Eckert, Gallio, track 22 by Pliakas, Gallio, track 29 by Maurer, Eckert.Recorded at Radiostudio Zürich, 1999 July 3 & 4 by Martin PearsonEdited, mixed and mastered at Elephant Château Studio Basel, 2000 July and August by Max Spielmann and Christoph Gallio. Graphic design by Anne Hoffmann. Cover Art: Emmett Williams