Conjure | Bad Mouth | American Clavé | Double CD

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american clavé 1052/53 – Double CD-Set

for Bad Mouth, Conjure is (in order of audio appearance): Alvin Youngblood Hart (voice, electric guitar) | Fernando Saunders (voice, electric bass) | Leo Nocentelli (electric guitar) | Anthony Cox (electric bass) | Horacio El Negro Hernandez (trap drums) | Robby Ameen (trap drums) | Yosvanni Terry (alto sax, checkere, voice) | Pedro Martinez (voice, congas, percussion) | Richie Flores (congas) | Ishmael Reed (voice: recitations) | Billy Bang (electric violin) | David Murray (tenor sax) | Dafnis Prieto (trap drums) | Kip Hanrahan (musical director, voice)

Tracklist Disc 1: 1. Mo Ku Lana, Mo Jinde Loni (Reed, Hanrahan, Nocentelli) 2. Conjuring a Calm Between Wars (Cox, Saunders, Hanrahan) 3. In War Such Things Happen (Reed, Hanrahan) 4. He Picked a Fight With the Haitians (Reed, Terry) 5. For Dancer (Reed, Martinez, Hanrahan) 6. Bad Mouth (Reed, Murray) 7. Tokyo Woman Blues (Reed, Hart)

Tracklist Disc 2: 1. Go To Jazz (Reed, Murray) 2. Louisiana Red (Reed, Nocentelli, Hanrahan) 3. At an Azabu Cafe (Reed, Cox) 4. medley: Jack Johnson / Skirt Dance (Reed, Cox, Hanrahan) 5. Prayer to Earth (Reed, Murray)